Starting Monday, October 29, we are opening up all classes to newcomers, beginners, and anyone who has ever wanted to try CrossFit for a full week, ending Saturday, November 3. Check out our class schedule here. Attend at least 3 classes during this week and we will waive the need to attend the beginner “on-ramp” classes. Come and see for yourself why CrossFit can help get you in the best shape of your life. Please show up at least 10 minutes early to your first class to fill out paperwork. RSVP to the Facebook event here.

Also, starting Monday, October 29, we will be offering a new 8 AM class on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

As a reminder, we are hosting yoga with Annie Runkle this Sunday, October 28 at 4 PM. Annie’s first class here was a hit, so come stop by and work on your flexibility and mobility. Free for members and $5 for guests.

If you are interested in attending the BeastSkills seminar with Jim Bathurst on Saturday, December 15, please email chrisg@crossfitcharlottesville. Registration will be $80 for one seminar (beginner or advanced) or $120 for both. Want to get your first muscle-up or one-arm handstand? This seminar is for you!

Tuesday: Cleans, Handstands, and Slam Ball Toss


Spend 10 minutes working on the Clean & Jerk. Go light and rest as needed.


With a partner, complete 5 rounds each of:

  • Power Clean x 5 (185/135#)
  • Handstand Hold while partner is on barbell


  • Slam Ball Toss over Pull-up Bar x 50 total (25/15#)

Monday Workout: Turkish Get-ups and Sandbag Hill Sprints


Spend 10 minutes building to a heavy single Turkish Get-up per arm.


5 rounds (with a light-weight sandbag or vest):

  • Sprint to the Railroad Tracks
  • Walk back

Compare to 7/4/12.


  • The get-ups can start from standing (i.e., “reverse” style), and be sure to warm up thoroughly for the sprints.

Friday Workout: Hero WOD “Tom”



AMRAP in 25 mins:

  • Muscle-up x 7
  • Thruster (155/115#) x 11
  • Toes-to-Bar x 14


U.S. Army First Lieutenant Thomas M. Martin, 27, of Ward, Arkansas, assigned to the 1st Squadron, 40th Cavalry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team (Airborne), 25th Infantry Division, based in Fort Richardson, Alaska, died on October 14, 2007 in Al Busayifi, Iraq, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit with small arms fire. He is survived by his parents, Edmund and Candis Martin; sisters Sarah Hood, Becky Martin, and Laura Martin; fiancee, Erika Noyes; and grandmother, E. Jean Martin.

Thursday Workout: Box Squat and Row Intervals


Cossack Lunge x 10 per side slowly


Box Squat @ 21X1; 3-2-1-3-2-1; One set every 2 mins


3 rounds, once every 3 mins:

  • Row 500 m

Wednesday Workout: Press, KB Snatch, and Wall Walks


Standing Press @ 20X0; 3-2-1-3-2-1; One set every 90 sec


3 rounds:

  • KB Snatch (53/35#) x 10 / arm
  • Wall Walk x 5


Accumulate 2 mins in an L-sit on parallettes or rings.

Tuesday Workout: Weighted Pull-ups, Tabata Squats, and a Mile Run

Remember, we are hosting a yoga class tonight from 7:45 – 8:30 pm. Free for members, $5 for non-members! Even 2010 CrossFit Games Champion Graham Holmberg does yoga.


Weighted Pull-up @ 20X0; 3-2-1-3-2-1; One set every 90 sec


8 rounds:

  • 20 sec Air Squats
  • 10 sec Rest in Active Bottom of Squat

Run 1 mile.

Compare to 10/3/11.


  • Wave-loading on the weighted pull-ups today. If you normally use bands, consider trying negatives today instead.
  • The rests during the squats should be held in the active bottom position, but you can scale it to passive.
  • The time for the mile run begins after the last 20 sec squat interval.

Monday Workout: Deadlift and JT


Deadlift @ X0X0; 3-2-1-3-2-1; One set every 2 mins



21-15-9 for time:

  • Handstand Push-ups
  • Ring Dips
  • Push-ups

Compare to 5/3/11.


  • We are wave-loading the deadlifts today (e.g., 200-210-220-210-220-230), and feel free to drop the bar at the top.
  • 12-minute timecap for JT, so scale appropriately.

Friday Workout: Bench Press and a KB / Burpee Ladder


Grab a lacrosse ball and roll out your pecs.


Bench Press @ 30X0; 6 sets of 4 reps; rest 90 sec btwn sets


Each minute on the minute, 1 rep each the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third…:

  • KB Swing (70/53#) x 1
  • Goblet Squat (70/53#) x 1
  • Burpee x 1

Go until you run out of time (with a 15-minute timecap).

Thursday Workout: Good Morning and Muscle-ups


Good Morning @ 30X0; 6 sets of 4 reps; rest 90 sec btwn sets


For time:

  • Muscle-up x 30 (scale to muscle-up negatives)


10 rounds:

  • Pull-up x 5 (scale to ring rows)
  • Dip x 5 (scale to push-ups)