We are very happy to announce that Chris Garay will be general manager of CrossFit Charlottesville starting at the end of the month. As you know, things have been getting very busy for us and we’re really happy to bring Chris on board make your experience at the gym ever better. We hired Chris because he’s an inspiring leader, a passionate fitness expert, an awesome member of our community and someone who has all the right skills to build CrossFit Charlottesville into a leading fitness center.  Chris will be responsible for all general management at the gym and helping out with the SuperFit Games. Please join us in welcoming Chris to our family and we look forward to his leadership now and in the future.

We asked Chris a few questions about this role and thought you’d like to hear his answers…

Can you talk briefly about your fitness background and how you found CrossFit?

Although I played a variety of childhood sports (soccer, basketball, wrestling, karate), I spent my summers during high school and college traveling the country performing with drum and bugle corps. During my last year at UVa I began training for triathlons, and my sister recommended I check out CrossFit. I read and tried as much as I could, and luckily CrossFit Charlottesville opened its doors that summer.

What do you do outside of the gym?

I teach marching percussion at UVa in the fall, GMU in the winter, and for a group based in Atlanta in the summer. My band The Anatomy of Frank has also recorded our first album and tours regionally.

Can you talk about your experience with CrossFit Charlottesville over the last few years?

When I first started CrossFit I had never seriously lifted weights, so although my bodyweight movements and running capacity were both okay, the whole barbell thing threw me for a loop. During my first year at the gym I was also reading as much information online as I could to understand how to get better and train smarter. A few certifications later, I began apprenticing and eventually training classes at CrossFit Charlottesville, and I really enjoyed the whole experience. We have established a culture of hard work with a clientele of really smart and caring people, and everyday I get to see the results of my work.

What made you decide to take the general manager position?

Over the past three years one constant discussion amongst trainers and members in our gym has always been, “How can we make the gym better?” As the general manager I will have the opportunity to work with highly educated and super fit individuals all for the sake of answering that question!

What do you view for the future of CrossFit Charlottesville?

I see CrossFit Charlottesville becoming a leader regionally and nationally for how to effectively run a fitness facility that gets results, keeps people coming back, and promotes an atmosphere of hard work and enjoyment. Specifically, I am excited about potentially growing into a new and improved location, further expanding our website, and offering more goal-oriented classes and training programs.

Anything else you’d like to say?

Clean up your chalk, catch your wall balls, and squat lower! Haha in all seriousness though, always feel free to contact me about any aspect of the gym. I’m here to help! Thanks.

Chris, we are happy to have you on board! Welcome!

If anyone wants to contact Chris, his email is chrisg@crossfitcharlottesville.com.

Tuesday Workout: 2012 CrossFit Open WOD 12.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 18 minutes of:

  • 15 Box jumps, 24″ box /20
  • 115/75 pound Push press, 12 reps
  • 9 Toes-to-bar

Monday Workout: Benchmark Intro WOD


Box Squats (3-3-3-3-3) [see vid]


Intro Benchmark WOD (we have about 50 of your scores in our office. come check out your old score if you don’t know)

Run 400 Meters

15-12-9 of

  • Burpees
  • Air Squats

Run Around Building (some of you may have run 400M again)



Friday Workout: Backsquat Pause and Short One

Reminder, please register for our fundraiser workout, 31 Heroes, on Saturday. Please be at the gym at 10AM if you want to participate. Al will be saying something about his experience as a Navy Seal and we will be doing this workout in memory of those 31 heroes who passed away August 6th, 2011. 

*For Saturday, all Noon classes are on a regular schedule.  8AM and 11AM are cancelled.  

PS We encourage you to make a donation to 31 Heroes, but if you would like to attend and you didn’t make a donation, that is fine as well. 


Backsquat 3-3-3-3-3 (2 minutes rest between sets, pause 3 FULL seconds at the bottom)


6 Minute AMRAP of

  • 20 Double Unders (sub for double unders is 10 box jumps (24/18))
  • 10 KB Swings (53/35)





Thursday Workout: Handstand Drills and Quick and Dirty

Please note that this Thursday we will be doing a 9:30AM class instead of a 12 Noon class.


Spend 10 Minutes Doing Handstand Drills (Trainer Choice)


3 Rounds of

  • 4 Muscle Ups (scaling is muscle up transitions)
  • 10 Ring Dips (scaling is 15 pushups)
  • 10 Thrusters (135/95)


Wednesday Workout: Heavy Hang Snatch Sprints


10 Rounds

In 60 seconds, complete

  • 3 Hang Power Snatch (as heavy as possible unbroken)
  • Max Effort Over the Bar Lateral Burpees


Rest 60 Seconds

Tuesday Workout: Nancy

Please note that Monday through Friday early morning classes start at 6AM now.

Secondly, please sign up for the 31 Heroes memorial workout. We will only be hosting 31 Heroes at 10AM on Saturday. All other Saturday classes are cancelled (except oly lifting at Noon, Intro and On Ramp).


Weighted Pullups 5,5,5


5 Rounds

  • 400 meter run
  • 15 Overhead squat (M-95 W-65)

compare to 11/3.


Monday Workout: Backsquat and Olivia’s Letter

Olivia just sent us a letter to share with everyone. Here it is:

To all of my crossfit friends,

First, I want to start off with how much I miss each of you and the gym. I am keeping up as much as possible with WoDs and everyone’s progress, but it’s a little difficult when I only have internet once a week.

The life of a cowgirl, however, is amazing. Colorado is beautiful, the horses are phenomenal, I am riding for hours everyday, and the guests, for the most part are awesome. As far as crossfit goes there are some positives and some negatives. As Logan said, the job kind of lends itself to crossfit. I have found this to be true over and over again. Functional movements including cleaning 70 pound hay bails and jerking them onto a truck bed, lifting forty, thirty pound saddles every morning, shoveling and dumping horse poop every day, and lifting newly born foals into truck beds to bring them to the corral. Many times when the “manly” jobs are being assigned, the head wrangler puts me and one other really strong girl with the boys. I consider this a complement. Thus, my crossfit movements are paying off!

However, by the end of my ten hour day I am exhausted and typically don’t have the energy to workout. We have nightly activities including a hayride and a square dance once a week. This not only leaves little energy to work out, but also little time. On Thursday afternoon I did sprints and 67 pound snatches, and I am one hurting cowgirl…pun intended! While I am disappointed about not being able to workout I am constantly reminding myself that this summer is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and that I am constantly using the movements that crossfit has prepared me for in my daily routine.

The last hard non-crossfit part of my life is the food. It is a guest ranch and it is 45 minutes away from civilization so every week we eat what the guests eat. Which is 100% vacation food and therefore 100% non-paleo. This has actually been one of the hardest things so far. My body is constantly craving vitamins and protein it is not receiving, and whenever I get to town I never want to eat out…and when I do I typically order vegetables of some sort. Meals always include meat and starch and rarely ever include green veggies. God I miss cooking!

Overall, my experience here has been amazing. I love the work, the people, and the horses. I am staying as fit as possible and enjoying my time with nature, and I am enjoying this once in a lifetime opportunity. I hope you are all staying healthy and making new PRs in the gym. I miss paleo dinners and non-paleo dinners, I miss the sweaty smell of the gym, but most of all I miss hearing stories from each of you from work to significant others. I cannot wait to be back at Crossfit Charlottesville. Have an amazing rest of the summer. Stay cool and enjoy the games online. Martha, congratulations you are amazing!

Cannot wait to see you all.

All of my love,



Backsquat 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1 (on the minute)

Power Clean & Push Jerk 3-3-3-3-3

Optional Uncoached WOD

Row 500 Meters for Time



Friday Workout: Push Press and Muscle Ups


Push Press 2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (on the minute)


30 Muscle Ups for Time


10 Rounds of

  • 5 Perfect Strict Ring Rows
  • 10 Pushups

Thursday Workout: Abzzzzzzzzzz


Turkish Getup 3-3-3


Row 500 Meters

3 Rounds of

  • 20 Toes to Bar
  • 20 Ball Slams
  • 20 Situps

Row 500 Meters