17 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Thrusters and Situps

  1. 14:40 @ 85#. i got to 14:12 and thought I was done at 9 thrusters…then realized i wasn’t done and kept going. i think i need to go lower on my thrusters, maybe 70-75#…definitely not quick with those.

  2. 11:27 @101# shout out to bin for encouraging forney and i thru the misery

  3. Nice place – great help – good workout
    Free WOD: 15-12-9 Box Jumps and Pushups


  4. 10:22 with thrusters scaled to 101#. Sit-ups never seemed so easy (in comparison to the thrusters).

  5. Dide the free WO today: 15-12-9 box jumps and pushups
    @ 2:30

  6. Free WOD: 1:47. 24 inch box jumps

  7. Custom WO:
    21-15-9 air squats, deadlifts, box jumps


    Kyle- was my deadlift weight = bar+10k then bar+5k when I got tired? How heavy is the bar?

    1. Just make a note of when you switch. The bar you used weighed 15#, so you started at 59# and moved to 37# at the end.

  8. AMRAP 20 min:
    RX’d at 75#

    8 Deadlifts
    6 Hang Power Cleans
    4 Front Squats

    13 Rounds, + Dead Lifts, + 1 HPC @79#

    Loved it! Thanks Dave and Bin!

  9. 82# thrusters – 13:23. Felt F’in good.

  10. 10:30
    1-arm barbell thrusters, 57#

  11. 13:13 101# thrusters. thanks for coaching me through this Charles, Landon and David.

  12. 10:16, rx’d, followed by DOMS like a motherfucker

    1. Nice time Bin.

  13. Bin, you did it as Rx’d? You are crazy strong! Guess those wasps didn’t get you so badly after all 😉

    1. Wasps are stupid. There is no reason for them to exist on the planet. Absolutely none.

  14. 14:19, 101# Thrusters

    Thank yous to Kyle & Landon for the coaching & encouragement.

    Sore in the right places but not as bad as I thought.

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