14 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: Fixed Weight Modified Linda

  1. 20:14 RX’d

  2. Free WOD, row and burpees: 5:42
    Lovin’ the early morning sessions too!

  3. Free WOD: 7:49, knee pushups

  4. Free WOD: 6:49, knee pushups
    Thanks Kyle, it was a great intro to Crossfit!

  5. Free WOD: 6:54, row and burpees (knee pushups)

  6. 16:41 as rxed (3/4 HSPUS – not quite able to get the forehead on the floor…close)

  7. 19:40

    135# deadlift
    65# squat clean

    could have gone heavier on both! anyone else with bloody shins?

  8. 15: 18 as RXed.

    No blood on my shins, but the top of my head has abrasion marks from the HSPU.

    1. man you were doing HSPU at speed? must get video next time;)

  9. 3 Rnds:

    30 KB swings 35#
    20 Burpees
    10 Push Press 62#


  10. Free WOD: 5:23

  11. This is really interesting. I’m starting a few of the exercises in my bedroom later today.

  12. Free WOD 5:39

  13. 10:39: only dl (182) & sq clean (94); 86’d HSPU for rotator cuff inflammation. bah.

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