Wednesday Workout: Rowing!

WOD: Row 2000 Meters for Time.

Free WOD:
3 Rounds, 12 Push Balls and Walking Lunges the Length of the Mat

Amanda Miller from CrossFit Fairfax (our awesome awesome programmers) does a max number of burpees in 10 minutes to raise money to compete in the CrossFit Games.


4 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Rowing!

  1. Free WOD: 2:15. Thanks guys.

  2. 5k 21:48 outside w crazy hills.

  3. Custom WO:
    Tabata 16x 20 sec on / 10 sec rest. First 4 min. PVC front squats, second 4 min. bar push press. Didn’t count reps, but very tired.

  4. Free WOD: 5 rounds, 6:11

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