13 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Rowing and Push Presses

  1. 12 push press @ 45#

  2. Rx’d 12:24

    @ Kyle:
    Do you need help assembling things this evening?

    1. Yes, but we need wrenches.

      1. Got ’em.

  3. hey everyone, i know some of you are aware of this, but some others may not be: the third annual crossfit games take place this weekend in aromas, california. they start today for affiliate teams, and tomorrow for individual competitors. it’s been a long road for those who qualified this spring, and the workouts (which have been kept secret) were released this morning. here they are, in all their glorious misery:


    i cannot wait to watch this.

  4. WOD
    12 * 45#=8:44
    way to go Kyle, the gym looks great; my legs are feeling it

  5. 3 Rounds:
    5 DL (275lb)
    2x20m shuttle run
    30 sec rest

    5 min rest

    3 Rounds:
    10 Sandbag power clean (75 lb)
    4x10m shuttle run
    30 sec rest

    5 min rest

    2 Rounds:
    4x20m tire pull (25lb)
    15 KTE

    3:08, 3:06, untimed

    1. Sandbag power clean sounds challenging! I want to try 🙂

      1. sandbags, weight sleds, heavy ropes, sledgehammers – the “old school” has never and will never fail for training tools. The events at this year’s games are prime testament to that fact.

  6. In addition to Charles’ post, many of you probably don’t know that Charlottesville CF is possible in part due to the tremendous coaching and support of CrossFit Fairfax. This weekend, the owners of CF FFX as well as some of their athletes are competing in the individual games competition! Jeff T., Maggie, Lee, and Amanda…the best of luck to all of you!

  7. 9:33 as RXed

  8. DL, 5 sets across of 3 reps @ 309# (~85%1RM)

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