Saturday Workout: Tabata Intervals


Tabata Intervals (20 Seconds of Max Intensity Work, 10 Seconds of Rest) of:

8x Box Jumps

8x Kettlebell Swings

8x Pushups

Post total score to comments.  Free WOD is the same as normal WOD today.  Talk to a trainer about the right weight for swings.  Stop by for your free workout!


Video of Heather Keenan kicking butt in “Fran”

6 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Tabata Intervals

  1. Jacob’s lowest scores: 7 box jumps at 30(?)# box, 7 kbs at 35#, 6 pushups.

    Casey’s lowest scores: 8 box stepups, 6 kettlebell swings, 2 pushups.

    Thanks a lot, guys! Tabata box jumps are no joke!

  2. OHS max: 208 (~95kg)
    one failed attempt at 213 — spent too long in the hole.
    Turns out 208 is a new PR by about 10#

  3. If anyone is looking to get quick, up to date info on the games, check out Christy’s feed at

  4. max front squat x3: 231 (pr)
    max squat clean x1: 203 (pr); failed 208 twice.

  5. 9 BJ, 10 KB 45#, 8 Push ups

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