14 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Met Con

  1. Free WOD: 5:22

  2. rest day today.

    but sunday:
    – row 1000m
    – 100 doubleunders
    – row 500m
    – 50 doubleunders
    – row 250m
    – 25 doubleunders

  3. Free WOD 5:14

  4. Free WOD: 4:05

    Doing Foundations this week!

    1. WOD, as rx’d on CF Ffx (pull-ups not HSPU), SU’s were anchored/abmat

  5. Every 30 seconds for 10 minutes, perform squat snatch and hang snatch (95lb)
    Clean and Push Jerk practice, technique focused

  6. 16:ish (user error)
    subbed pullups (well, jpu’s) for hspus

  7. WOD as RX’d (pull ups, not HSPUs), SUs were anchored with abmat

  8. 8:44 rx’d with pullups

    1 RM snatch: 138# pr

  9. 10:25 RX’ed with pullups.

    ab mat butterfly non-anchored

  10. 13:08 Rx’d
    (pull-ups instead of HSPU, Ab-Mat butterfly sit-ups, non-anchored)

  11. 12:20 as RX’ed (pull ups instead of HSPU, no ab-mat)

  12. Finished our last foundations class!

    max rounds in 8 minutes of:
    med ball cleans (10 lbs)
    Push Jerk (15 lb bar)

    I was too tired to remember to count the number of rounds I did. I know I did one round in the first minute and was forcing myself to go at a controlled pace so I could focus on my form. I probably did 5.5 rounds.

  13. Gretchen Kittelberger July 14, 2009 — 6:10 pm

    WOD as Rx’d (but with pull-ups not HSPU)

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