7 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Cindy Record Time

  1. 15 rounds + jpu + 7 push-ups

  2. Free WOD: 8 rounds + 5 jpu + 6 knee push-ups

  3. Cindy yesterday, so today it was time for a belated birthday workout…

    22 Muscle-ups for time, foul every time you drop off the rings
    Foul = 10 GHD sit-ups

    I think I ended up doing about 100-120 GHD sit-ups; was basically doing MU singles from rep 13 thru the end.

    1. …big shout out to everyone there for the motivation, and particularly Forney for comin up w/the workout and loaning me his ballin hand protector things.

  4. So, I’m not gonna be shy…………………….. 6 rounds, last 3 rounds all jpus/knee pushups!

    First day Crossfitting! WOOO!

  5. I got 16 rounds in 20:53

    Instead of jumping pullups I did lat pulldowns at 100 lbs and I did real pushups only the first 6 rounds.

    After finishing I did a 400m run with the last 30 meters being a sprint as fast as I could.

    I did this one instead of the one on crossfit.com or the one on this web site because I wanted something to work my back and upper body.

  6. 15 squats, 5 pullups, 10 pushups in 20:

    12 rds + squats and pullups.

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