11 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Met Con

  1. WOD 25:41
    25# kettle bells
    25 double unders rounds 2 and 3
    almost tossed cookies

  2. First WOD in the woods — brought my trusty 53# kb on vacation, along with my home-made med-ball.

    4 rounds of:
    10 goblet squats
    10 kb swings
    10 C&J (5 each hand)


    1. Forney, next WOD is Hunt Down 8 Point Buck with Bare Hands for Time. Go.

  3. 14:32 45# 150 S.U.

  4. 17:45 (? forget the exact seconds…) 50 single rope jumps 2nd and 3rd round. Also, did 30 sit-ups, 40 push-ups each round. Kyle, was that reversed? (above says 40/30)

  5. Heavy Overhead Day…

    1. Work up to 1RM Press – 160# (PR)
    2. Work up to 3RM Push Press – 170#
    3. Work up to 5RM Push Jerk – 160# (PR)

    I did 170×4 on the PJ’s and then failed on the last rep… kind of just quit on it; muted hip, lack of aggression and speed under the bar. Didn’t deserve to get the set; I’ll come back for it another time.

  6. 12 min. 25# kbs, modified push-ups, and did 150 regular jumps instead of double unders.

  7. 18:16 Rx’d
    45#, Ab-Mat Butterfly SUs

  8. Subbed 40 lb dumbell for the swings.
    For double-unders: first round did 150 regular jumpropes, then second and third did 50 tuck jumps.

    Thought I was going to going get sick.


    For the cherry I did 10 renegade man-makers with 25 lbs. That didn’t help the nearly puking cause.

  9. 15 something as Rx’ed. Apparently my pushups suck…must improve them!

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