Friday Workout: Yay Burpees!

Member WOD:

Max One Rep Max Thruster

Max Pullups Without Dropping from Bar (substitute jumping pullups with no rest on ground)

Stop by anytime between 4:30 and 7PM for a free workout!

Three Rounds of:

Lunge the Length of the Mat

20 Burpees


P.S. Kelly Moore who has been around the CrossFit community for a while and admins the CrossFit message boards (watch this video, she’s also hardcore) is competing in a local powerlifting competition.  She’s gonna visit the box in afternoon, so stop by to meet her!

9 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Yay Burpees!

  1. Well, dang. Kelly’s a Madisonite, like myself and Hillary. I’ve heard good things about the Monkey Bar Gym, but have never taken the time to visit. Wish we could visit, but we’re leaving town for a vacation. Sounds like a fun workout too.

  2. 177# 24 Pull Ups

  3. member wod
    28 pullups

  4. 133# first time doing thrusters
    19 mostly strict pull-ups, still learning how to kip!

  5. Friday WOD: 7:14

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