Monday Workout: HSPU and C2B Pullups

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21, 15 & 9 rep rounds for time of:

* HSPU’s (hand stand push ups)
* C2B pull ups (chest to bar pull ups….that means your chest literally hits the bar)

Abs – 40 ABMAT sit ups

Forney fights the decepticons
Forney fights the decepticons

9 thoughts on “Monday Workout: HSPU and C2B Pullups

  1. 7:58

    Band for pullups. Box for HSPU’s.

  2. 21 and 15 in 7:51 heard a pop in the back on the 5 th hspu for the last round. figured I better stop.

  3. WOD in the woods…

    Using a 53# kb and a 22# med ball:
    50 tosses (per object) over a 7 foot tall swing-set crossbar.


    This took a surprisingly long time to complete — the kb toss requires one or two preparatory swings each time, and a significant amount of coordination and accuracy (that I slowly developed during the course of the workout).

    1. Strongest Man events – I approve.

    2. anyone up for Hooverball on Friday afternoon?

  4. 5:20 bands/box

  5. I’m at a resort in Williamsburg with my folks, so I had to improvise a little. The “fitness center” was crappy, but I was able to do Cindy outside on the playground with little kids running around. I got out 10 rounds in 16 minutes before I had to stop because of the humidity. Nothing like doing CrossFit on vacation. đŸ˜€

  6. 12:28 as RX but couldn’t complete with full form on HSPU…they are the bane of my existence. not bad considering i have an ear infection!

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