7 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: AMRAP Wall Balls, KTEs & DUs

  1. 12 rounds 14# med ball and 60 sj’s

  2. 6 DUs shy of 14 rds., Rx’d

  3. 30 Single Unders shy of 17rnds 20# med ball.

  4. 7 DU’s shy of 15, alternated DU’s with singles on 3 sets — 6# med ball

  5. 300 kb swings for time 35#

    broke it down like so:

    and yes it was FROM. thank you Kelly Moore for great tips on kb swing form!

  6. Tonight I did a group bicycle ride. My second time on the bike outside since my accident in May. I am amazed how I felt. Strong and able to push. I am a believer.

  7. 10 DUs short of 12 rounds. RX

    first time jumping rope in 3 months.

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