7 thoughts on “Friday Workout: 12 Minutes of Hell on Earth

  1. 8 rounds. 177# DL. still taking it easy on the back.

  2. 1 lunge shy of 9 rounds. Rxed

  3. I’ve been traveling a bit recently and spending some time with family. Today’s on-the-road WOD: mow the lawn, for time.

    about 45 minutes, push mower, 1 1/2″ grass

    😀 I’m excited to get back in town soon for some 7 am CrossFit sessions!

  4. i could have sworn this said Walking Squats yesterday. was i crazy?

  5. Chris, I think you could have “pushed” a little faster…cant wait to yell at you…BTW howd the finals turn out?

  6. 9 rds + 5DL, 79#/33#

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