Saturday Workout: Team Hopper

Today is a free day! Come with a partner to compete.  Best score wins eternal fame. Post your score to the comments.

Team Workout:

Part 1: Plank Hold for 30 Seconds.  If you drop from a plank, you will have to do 10 burpees.  Part 2 will happen 45 seconds after we start part 1.

Part 2:

  • Run 800 Meters Together
  • 80 Squatting Med Ball Throws
  • Sprint to Truck, Run Backward
  • 1 Length Each of Wheelbarrow Walks
  • 80 Med Ball Situps
  • Run 400 Meters Together

Workouts are done in teams of two.  Rep counts are total for both team members.


Gym rules.

7 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Team Hopper

  1. with Seth, 14:00, 20# throws and 10# sit-ups

  2. with Lydia, 15:55 using 6#.

  3. tom and I 15:151 10#
    dave H. and I 12:33 20#

  4. Brady and Mike: 12:10, 20# med ball

  5. Nice work Mike and Brady…. Time of the day. Btw u guys ran a 2:30 800m. Strong!

  6. Did Thursday’s sprint, HPCl, PJ workout today, RXd

  7. With Landon: 12:33, 20 lbs. ball
    With Alec: 14:53(?), 10 lbs. ball

    Good Times!

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