Wednesday Workout: Cindy

Today is a free day, so stop by between 4:30PM and 7PM for an introductory workout and free personal training.  We will scale the workout to your athletic ability.

As many rounds as you can do in 20 minutes of:

  • 5 Pullups
  • 10 Pushups
  • 15 Squats

We will be very strict on form today.  We’ve seen a little too much drive to get through the movements and we want people to execute the full range of motion.  For pullups, your chin must come over the bar and you must have fully extend arms at the bottom of the pullup.  For pushups, your chin, chest and hips must touch the ground and you must have your arms fully extended at top.  For squats, we want you to go as far as you can go without sacrificing your lumbar curve; true RX’ed squats will have the hip crease below the knee.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Cindy

  1. 12 rounds + pu’s and 6 pushups. Assisted pullups. Need work on “kip” method.

  2. 13 rounds, 5 (knee) pushups, banded pullups
    love band assisted kipping pullups!

  3. 20-something rounds RXd
    I have a tendency to lose count (and my composure) on AMRAP workouts.

  4. By the way: today is August 19th, although the message board says its the 18th.

  5. 14 rounds + pullups, pushups, and 5 squats. (jumping pullups after 2 rounds and knee pushups after 7 rounds)

  6. wish i could have done this one, but i’m too sore from lifting weights and doing pullups yesterday :facepalm:

    from 2 weeks ago
    17 rx, all pu’s strict

  7. 10 rounds (8 sets using box for pull ups) I am still sore from Monday AM.

  8. 18 +/- 1 rounds, I lost count at one point around #13. Knee pushups after the 2nd round, pullups using the box.

  9. 13 rounds – 2 squats. First two w/ strict push ups. All pull ups jumping.

  10. 19 rounds. First round real push-ups, then knee push-ups; jpu.

  11. 26 rounds as rx’d

  12. 19 or 20 rds. + 3 PUs
    Got kinda fuzzy toward the end.
    I wanna see the ‘Flopping Fish’ video 🙂

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