16 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Hopper

  1. 2 x 15 FS: 95, 115 (practicing ass-to-ankles technique)

    7:08 RXd (including the 1min handstand hold)

  2. 10:30 rx + many quizzical looks from bench-pressing “dude-brahs”… very discouraged about crossfitting in college gyms, so crowded not to mention, (direct quote from sign) “due to their complexity, no cleans, snatches or jerks in gym.” … i need to figure out another way.

    1. No matter what the sign says, there will always be “jerks” in college gyms…they just won’t be the Olympic kind.

    2. that sounds pretty rough. the clan of the “dude-brah” or duah’s for short is a perplexing and dangerous bunch. be careful around them.

      in the meantime, find the nearest affiliate and offer to clean their gym.

  3. FS: 89/89/111
    WOD: 9:22 RX

    1. bah not RX – did plank instead of handstand.

  4. 10:06 with plank hold, jumping pullups, knee burpees…need to work on speed, I’m not sure I have much difference between 40 situps and 40 “fast” situps.

  5. 155# / 6:45 RX

  6. 133# 3rd set 10 reps
    8:46 rx

  7. 10:51, plank hold, jumping pull-ups, the burpees owned me.

  8. 67# FS. 12:48 I think. Plank hold. 7 hang PU, the rest jumping. All else Rx.

  9. 77# FS I think, and 11:39 on the WOD. First time standing on my hands for that long… the world looks different upside-down.

  10. 59#/ 7:43 (plank and jumping pull ups)

  11. 133# (13, 10, 10)
    9:13 rx

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