Saturday Workout: Team Challenge

Today is a FREE DAY! Come with a friend or we’ll pair you up with someone for a team challenge.

Team Workout for Time:

Part 1

  • First Person Runs 400 Meters with Medicine Ball (20# Men / 14# Women)
  • Second Person Rows 400 Meters
  • When both have finished, move to Part 2

Part 2

  • First Person Does 25 Burpees
  • Second Person Farmer Carries Weights with Finger Tips to Truck and Back (10KG Men / 5 KG Women)
  • When both have finished, switch roles and complete burpees and another farmer carry. Then move to Part 3.

Part 3

  • First Person Rows 400 Meters
  • Second Person Runs 400 Meters with Medicine Ball
  • Time is marked when both people are done.


Can Brady and Mike maintain the team workout records?

6 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Team Challenge

  1. Lydia + Jason = 8:01

  2. Kyle + Landon: 6:40 RX

  3. Adam+David H.+Landon (at the end)

    Birthday WOD:
    Consume 12 oz. of refreshing beverage before each round
    165# DL
    2′ Box Jump
    HSPU (18-12-9)

    20ish then Pukie dropped by to wish us a Happy Birthday!

    Thanks everybody – I think 🙂

  4. Haha I’m with Dave on that. Thanks for the workout and b-day wishes all!

  5. haha wow, hell of a birthday workout.

    team wod with nick, 8:13

  6. Alec + Gabe – 9:41.

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