Monday Workout: AMRAP HSPU, Push Press & Box Jump

Remember to put your name on the board for the performance/weightloss challenge. We will be starting the competition on Tuesday!


As many rounds in 20 minutes of:

  • 5 Hand Stand Pushups (scale as needed)
  • 10 Push Press (89# Men /67# Women)
  • 15 Box Jump (24# / 18# )


The girls do deadlifts.

27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: AMRAP HSPU, Push Press & Box Jump

  1. I just found a great list of crossfit body weight WODs perfect for those who want to do crossfit while traveling or out of town. check it out!

    1. A list of Girl and Hero workouts is here, a lot of them are bodyweight:

  2. travelling….
    5 HSPU (1/2 range of motion)
    10 PP #25 free weights in each hand
    10 double unders

    9 rounds and 10 PP

    btw thanks Ben for that sweet link, i will def keep that in my bookmarks

  3. For entrants whose personal goals do not involve weight loss, how will the competition be scored? One could improve performance and secondarily to that improvement actually gain weight. Also, one could also make decision regarding diet and nutrition that will aid in losing weight quickly but detract from perfomance and fitness levels. That said, can this be simply a performance improvement competition understanding that directionality is weight change (either way) should be a result of improved fitness and not a primary goal? Another option would be body composition improvement as opposed to just merely weight loss.


    1. Ian,

      The contest will have 2 winners, one for performance and one for weight loss. Everyone who enters goes into both pools.

      Scoring will be done through a % performance gain and % weight loss. We know people are on different levels and it would be really hard for an experienced CrossFitter to win performance because they probably won’t see the % improvements that a newer CrossFitter will experience. I’m sure people could game the weight loss side of it, but harming performance isn’t a goal of ours and I hope people would realize that when they enter the competition.

      Of course it’s not perfect, but for most people, I think it works. It’s always optional.

  4. HSPU w/ knees on box, 67# PP: 11 rounds

  5. 9 rounds
    HSPU on knees
    67# PP

  6. 10 rounds
    HSPU w/ toes on box
    37# PP
    18″ box

  7. 9 rounds? 10? + HSPU + 3PP
    HSPU w/ toes (3) then knees (rest) on box

  8. 7 rounds plus 5 HSPU plus 10 PP plus 10 box jumps
    18″ box
    HSPU with knees on box
    25#/20# PP

    This was the first workout I really felt like quitting in the middle of.

  9. 11 rounds, #47, small box

  10. Gretchen Kittelberger August 31, 2009 — 7:29 pm

    12 rounds + HSPU + 8PP
    HSPU’s not all full range of motion

  11. 11 rounds + 5 HSPU + 5 PP (RX’ed)

  12. 14 rounds
    HSPUs from knees on box, 20# PP, 18″ box

    Yay box jumps!

    1. Good job! Next time we will go heavier for you 🙂

  13. 9 rounds + 5 HSPUs (off box), 10 PP
    18# box, 20lbs

    1. Paige, don’t forget to record the weight and how the workout was scaled. Thanks!

  14. 5 rounds + 5 PU, 10 PP, and 5 box jumps. knee hspu, 45#, 24″ box

  15. 11 rounds + 5 HSPU + 10 push press (45#/35#)
    (HSPU knees on box)

  16. 5 rds.
    Rx’d except HSPU were cdone with 2 Ab-Mats.

    Not my best.

    1. + 3 HSPU

  17. 8 rounds + pp + 7 box jumps. (Or it may have been 9 rounds + the rest. I keep losing track.) 35#pp and HSPU on knees. 18″ box.

  18. 12 rounds, 45 lb bar, 24 inch box

  19. 8rds, HSPUs w/knees on box, 45#PP

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