Wednesday Workout: 30/30 and Gymnastic Fundamentals


Today is a Free Day, so stop by for a free workout between 4:30PM and 7PM to learn some very important gymnastics fundamentals taught by Gretchen in the afternoon.  Even if you are really tired, you need to attend the afternoon session to learn the gymnastics fundamentals!


30-30 interval (rowing, wall balls, mountain climbers). 6 rounds of each movement; 30 seconds of work followed by 30 seconds of rest. Score is total number of reps; row for calories.

Gymnastics Fundamentals WOD

3 rounds of 30 second hollow rock (or hold if can’t rock); 30 arch hold/rock, 30 rest.

Gymnastics Fundamentals Information

Want to know more about gymnastics fundamentals? Gretchen was kind enough to write some notes to me which were too good to not publish:

In terms of gymnastics fundamentals, being able to find and maintain a hollow body position is one of the most basic and important building blocks needed to learn harder skills. One of the most common mistakes when people do handstands is being too arched, so teaching a hollow body position on the ground first will enable people to understand what the position feels like and then allows them to engage that body position when they are actually inverted.

I also want to teach the arch hold and the arch rock, which are essentially the opposite body positions of the hollow. This is will help people realize the difference between the two body shapes so hopefully they will become more aware of when their bodies are supposed to be in more of an arch shape (like in many of the olympic lifts where you want to maintain that lumbar curve) vs a hollow shape (which you want when you are in a handstand).

Also, one of the major ways of generating power in much of gymnastics is being able to quickly snap from an arch to a hollow position. This is especially true with most of the swinging motions on bars; and for CrossFit purposes this translates into the kipping pull-up motion. If people grasp the idea of changing from an arch to a hollow shape while hanging that will help them get into the rhythm of a kipping pull-up.

13 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: 30/30 and Gymnastic Fundamentals

  1. 381 I have found my weaknes#20 Wall ball and mountain climbers.

  2. 400 with 14#, then 10# med ball. Don’t know what the Rxed med ball was, so I guess I did it as rxed.

  3. 331 (I think), 6# wall ball

  4. Gretchen Kittelberger September 2, 2009 — 9:15 pm

    632, 14#

  5. 580, 20 lb ball

  6. Tennis @ Tonsler Park, 90 minutes.

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