17 thoughts on “Friday Workout: AMRAP

  1. Not to displace the awesomeness behind this video. But I do like the idea of jumping over a parallel et between each burpee.

    Great clip!

  2. Atta boy Chris G. just saw you on the news yelling (btw crossfit yelling is much more fun) at the UVA drumline! Cant wait to hear them this fall. Best of luck!

  3. Hi guys,

    What’s the modification for L-pullups? I can do precisely 2 of them. Tim and I tried to rig something at home using the bands (by sitting in the band), with hilarious results. It didn’t work very well.

    Thoughts? Thanks!

    1. Hillary, I had Mary substitute alternating 10 jumping pullups/10 knees to elbows (or leg raises) this morning.

  4. @Hillary S:

    L-pullups > strict pull-ups > kipping pull-ups > jumping pull-ups > band-assist pull-ups

    Move down the line to find your proper scaling

  5. L-sits (3 second holds for every LPU) are another great MOD.

    Great WOD today. 10 rounds + 2LPU @ 133#

    Great way to start the day!

  6. L-sits can be done on parallettes or two boxes, etc

  7. 12 rounds + 3 L-pullups @ 133# deadlift

  8. Labor Day…………..what a fitting name and all too coincidental with this WOD! It was a deceivingly hard WOD, just like hard labor! Great job in putting this one out there for everyone’s enjoyment because it broke me off! Can anyone say…slow torture
    Thanks for the WOD, Kyle!!! Totally enjoyed it.

    1. Eric, glad you liked it! See you tomorrow, I hope at the Track

  9. Gretchen Kittelberger September 4, 2009 — 6:22 pm

    12 rds, 2 lpu’s

  10. 14 rds, 5 pus, 5 DLs – 45#/JPUs

  11. 14 rds + 5 pus + 7 DLs

    57# / 1 LPU + 4 JPU each round

    That was a fun one!

  12. Birthday WOD 17:11
    Chug 2 12oz “Canned Apple Juices”
    50 standing spins
    Then 15-12-9
    Ring Dips
    133# Front Squats

  13. 12 rnds, 111# JPU. I hate pull ups.

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