New Class Times, Better Organization & Free Days


Ben eats a taco as part of his birthday WOD.

Hey everyone, we’re growing quickly and we already need new class times.  Based on recent poll results and from my conversations with both members and non-members, we’ve decided to make some changes for the better.

New Class Time: M – Th 12:00 Noon

Monday through Thursday we’ll offer one lunchtime class starting promptly at Noon.  Please arrive 5 to 10 minutes early for your standard warmup, so that we can start everyone at noon with additional warmup and skillwork.  Ben will be teaching most of these classes.  We’ll start Wednesday, September 9th.

Morning Class Timeliness: Starting On Time

Our morning classes will start promptly at 6:30AM.  A lot of people need to get to work and we can’t keep people waiting. If you want to make the morning class, make sure you show up 5 to 10 minutes early to do the standard warmup.

Free Days: 3 Visit Limit

If you aren’t a member, attending a maximum three free days is now the limit.  If you need more time to decide, let us know and we’ll happily extend that limit.  We need to keep the space open for paying members and new people so they can try out CrossFit.

From the Feedback Box…

  • “We need to recycle our bottles.” Working on it.
  • “Kyle looks like lazy on his double under and he’s only doing 1.5 unders.”  Oh snap.  Since I know who wrote that I’ll make sure to program lots of burpees and pullups into a WOD next week.
  • “Landon would look great in a skirt.”  No comment.

Let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

3 thoughts on “New Class Times, Better Organization & Free Days

  1. I’m liking the idea of a noon-time class. Also, the actual Charlottesville Women’s Four Miler is this Saturday (tomorrow), so they will not be using the track.

  2. Great! I’m still pulling for a 6 a.m. class M-F and a 7:30 Sat. class. Seemed to me votes were pretty evenly split between a noon class and a 6 a.m. class, so please still consider that, and PLEASE — 10:30 on a Saturday is just way too late for people with young kids. Thanks for the changes, and thanks for considering more changes.

  3. Too bad about the free days, but fair enough. I thought it was too good to be true.. :/

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