20 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Fran

  1. 6:53 Rx’d

    Those Smiley Faces were the worst part!

    Interestingly enough, this is the exact same time from the SDHP/Push Press Workout.

  2. 5:57 @ 67# thrusters

    first time doing Fran, I’m just glad I didn’t puke.

  3. 5:23 (45#, jpu, but actually did at least one real pull-up!)


  4. 8:10(#64/jpu)

  5. 3:36 as rx’d

    New PR by 53 seconds!

    Now if I can just string together my pull-ups unbroken…

  6. 5:50 25#/green band pullups (with a little Landon assistance at the end there)

  7. 4:17

    37#, mostly JPU and no smiley faces until I was done 🙂

  8. 6:53 Rx. PR by over a minute!!

  9. 4:08 Rx.
    that really hurt.

  10. 7:40 subbed frowny faces and 85# front squat for thrusters.

  11. 4:02, 45# and JPU

  12. 8:something. 45#, JPU from 2 20# bumpers (about 8″)

    1. Here’s the best kipping pullup video I’ve seen, but you need a Journal subscription to watch it: http://journal.crossfit.com/2009/06/santa-cruz-gymnastics-cert.tpl

      1. Thanks Kyle. I have a copy downloaded if anyone wants to see it. Email me at zimage@gmail.com

  13. Gretchen Kittelberger September 14, 2009 — 7:39 pm

    5:51 (Rx’d)

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