Saturday Workout: Love Your Bamboo

In Teams of 2 Complete:

  • 50 Jumping Squats
  • Run to Truck and Back (200M)
  • 50 Burpees
  • Run to Truck and Back
  • 50 Situps
  • Run to Truck and Back
  • 50 Pushups
  • Run to Truck and Back

Bamboo must never touch the ground and stay with the entire workout.  Jumping Squats will use the bamboo. If it touches the ground or touches another team, you must do 10 burpees each.  Only one team member can do the non-running exercises at a time.  Running is done together.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Love Your Bamboo

  1. Team Sawyer 15:03

  2. Seth and Landon 9:10 Rx.

  3. With Tom: 10:31(?)
    With Mary: 9:59

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