Sunday: Rest Day

Good work this week folks.  Next week we’re going to work on full range of motion for all our movements.   Sacrificing full range of motion to finish your workout faster isn’t safe and isn’t CrossFit.  A lot of you want to go faster and perform better, but you aren’t getting any better if you are shortening the range of motion.  Additionally, making critical faults (i.e. losing your lumbar curve) puts you at risk for hurting yourself.  We’ve seen critical faults from many of you and that make us uncomfortable.

If you truly want to be a better athlete and be more fit, you need to prioritize range of motion and proper form. Next week will be very technical and we’ll be counting back reps that don’t meet our standards.  You won’t like it, but it’s for the better.  We’ll also be doing some skill work warmups prioritizing these areas.


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