12 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Running & Good Mornings

  1. 21:08 133# That was a beast!

  2. 24:57
    3 rds.
    800 Meter Row
    50 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
    50 Back Extensions

  3. I’ve never done good mornings. From YouTube, it looks like it’s a back squat with light weights, but you bend over a lot more, therefore exercising the back. If that’s the case, then is this just “Michael” with good mornings instead of back extensions? Are we doing these simply because the gym has only one GHD?

    1. Nope, this is 3 rounds of 800m Run, 50 situps and 50 good mornings. 🙂

  4. 16:30? RX forgot to look at the time before walking out the door. Landon also helped me work on kipping PU.

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