Friday Workout: 100 Burpee Broad Jumps


50 Double Unders


100 Burpee Broad Jumps

*We’ll run down to the park to do them for the morning class and probably will be there in the afternoon as well, so be prepared to get a little wet if it’s rainy.


10 thoughts on “Friday Workout: 100 Burpee Broad Jumps

  1. you just need a formula to score this on time AND distance 😉

    1. I know. I was thinking about how you would do that but I have no idea without a track.

  2. to calc distance, you could measure out a length of area, only use that section to do your jumps/burpees, and keep count of how many times you cover it.

  3. Gretchen Kittelberger September 18, 2009 — 5:46 pm


  4. 9:XX … I forgot my time after counting reps for Tim. Regardless, that was pretty damn tiring.

  5. 12:30something.

  6. 12 even. I’d rather have done another 150 double-unders.

  7. yeah, what Tim said! Even scaled to 75, I had 9:55 on this, my third class. I’ll getcha next time, you 100 burpees. Loved the blue rope for the double unders.

    In other news, I am getting with the program to the extent that I bought a teeny notebook with a pretty orange cover to write down all these pesky numbers for future comparisons.

  8. 9:05 scaled to 75.

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