CrossFit Charlottesville Crab Soccer


Come out and play crab soccer (you know it was your favorite game in elementary school P.E.) to raise money to build schools for kids in Uganda! A soccer field for our next school will cost $450 so help us raise the funds!!

Sunday, Sept. 27, 2pm
Lower Nameless Field
$4 per person, 5 people per team
$10 for an AWESOME t-shirt
** Prizes for top winning teams and best-dressed team!
** Tournament games last 10 minutes each. (trust me, that’s a good time-span for a crab soccer game)

HOW TO SIGN UP: Submit your name, teammates’ names (or individually if you don’t have a team), and team theme (optional) to any of the following places:

1. 13 West Lawn
2. Email:
3. Tables on the Lawn/Ohill this week

SIGN UP FOR CROSSFIT CHARLOTTESVILLE! Wear your T-Shirts and represent!

4 thoughts on “CrossFit Charlottesville Crab Soccer

  1. I’d really like to put a team together for this. Let me know if you’re interested.

  2. I’m interested, but kickball may be at the same time. I’ll have to see what the schedule is.

  3. I’m out of town.

  4. Kickball game @ 3

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