22 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Shoulder Press

  1. Hey Dave,
    Sweet headshot on the mainsite page. haha. Hope the cert went well. I’ll be looking for all the good tips you picked up

    1. Hahaha! All the tall guys were put in the back so I had to do something to stand out 🙂 It truly was an experience of a lifetime! I had Pat Barber coach me through Fran & was given many opportunities to ask many questions to all the trainers. The drive was totally worth it & I can’t wait to attend another.

  2. Shoulder Press: 89-111-121-126(4)-126(3)

    WOD: 4:06 Rx

  3. Today is October 5th, btw.

    1. The date below the title is the date that the article was posted. Workouts are always posted the day before we do them, so the date will always be off by one.

  4. SP: 104-111-121-121-126
    MetCon: 2:52 Rx

  5. 3:36 (3x’s s/u), 40#s. Got my first double under today…thanks Landon!

  6. Shoulder presses @ 45#, which was too easy but 50 was too hard.

    4:07, ring pushups from knees

  7. 77#

  8. 35# (except one set of 4 at 40#)
    6:42 with knee ring pushups

  9. 5 x 45#
    3:42 knee push ups , 42-30-18 singles

  10. 115#


  11. 89#

    5:45 Rx

  12. Shoulder Presses: 77/77/77/77/82
    WOD: first round as Rx, second and third w/ knee push ups. 10:27.

  13. 40# shoulder press
    4:23 WOD with ring pushups on knees…yes Tom I have found my weakness!

  14. I want to give a shout out to Tim and Chip…you guys both put your hearts on the mat last night and didn’t let one of those vicious ring dips get the better of you, great job!

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