8 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: “Strong Medicine”

  1. Are you talking about the workout or the pic, Lydia? If it would make you feel better, I’ll email you some of my race photos – they like to put cameramen at mi 45 at the top of a hill. I’m familiar with that look on your face.

    Anyway, I guess the full workout was:
    run to the gym
    12:43 w/10# ball, except I used a 6# for the wallballs
    run home

    Done in place of true Saturday long run, which I was not in the mood for. Thanks guys, that was fun!

  2. Paige and Chip 13:55
    loved the jams today!

  3. 12:43 w/ 10# ball
    Had to switch to 6# for last 15 wallballs (dang!)

  4. (only 2 rounds) 11:29 w/ 6# ball (with Sally. This was both our first time, and I have say I liked it! Will most likely be coming back soon…)

  5. 13:01 w 14# ball. Kinda fun

  6. with Tom

    Nice Work Everyone! I like the new faces!

    Nice pic Lydia 🙂

    1. 12:49 I mean

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