Introducing “Women-Only Functional Training”

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We’re soon going to be offering a special class time that’s geared towards your needs.  We understand that strength training may seem intimidating and that you aren’t just ready to jump into a large group.   We have a solution for you.

We’re going to offer a private class starting in Mid-November, Monday through Thursday at 9:30AM and we’ll start once we have a group of like-minded women.  Maybe you’re looking to lose some baby fat.  Maybe you want personalized training, but $60 per hour just isn’t working in this economy.

Our “Women-Only Functional Training” will include:

  • A Specialized Workout Program Led by a Certified Instructor
  • Nutritional Consulting from one of our resident experts
  • Class sizes of no more than 12 Women
  • Access to regular gym hours (if you’d like to attend)
  • Cost less than $15 per class
  • Classes lasting less than one hour

Why would CrossFit Charlottesville Work for Me?

  • We focus on proper form and organic movements; things your body is made to do
  • Small-group training is much better for motivation and confidence-building
  • We deliver results. Ask any of our members
  • Cardio-machines and strength-circuits don’t give you the personalized attention you need

Interested in signing up? Questions? Get your friends together and call us at (434) 260-0209 or email us at

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