11 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Sandbag Cleans

  1. Aaron 42#/Seth 42# – 84 x 15 rounds = 1260.

    Seth pulled off an extra 5 rounds after I dropped out. I’ve got some work to do…

    Elizabeth 28# /Lauren 31# — 21 rounds
    Total Score: 1239

    1. You ladies totally rocked it!

    2. Just for the Stipper name we may need to add on 200 pounds!

      1. Woops I meant points… all the same right?! 🙂

  3. Joelle 31#/Dave H. 58# – x 15 rounds = 1335
    Dave did 5 more after I was done. Nice work!

    FMI- 200’s 1:52, 1:48, 1:49

    1. Thanks for being my partner!
      And thanks to Seth for hanging in there & keeping it going!

      Congrats to Fran & Nate!
      Nice pic. on the main site guys!

  4. I was thinking of naming this workout: “Misery Wants Company”
    Does that sound about right?

    1. “Death By Sandbag”?

    2. Or “The Attitude Adjustment”. Funny how everyone goes from ‘no problem’ after the first few to ‘holy sh*t’ (pardon my French) after round 10 or so.

  5. 21 rnds w 58 aka “Tom the Manimal” by myself = 1218

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