Saturday Workout: Halloween Free Day

It’s a Free Day! Costumes are not required, but they are encouraged. Bring your friends and we’ll scale the workout to your costume stitching level.


Race to complete total of 100 strict PU: one person does PU while partner assists by pushing up on lats of person doing PU. Can switch as many times as necessary.  Partner assisting may need to stand on box to reach lats of PU person.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Halloween Free Day

  1. Oh Kyle, thank you for that video. That was fabulous to the extreme, especially the man in the halter top.

  2. Team Rear End Assist 5:35 (yeah Lauren, you’re awesome)
    Birthday WOD – burpee ladder / pbr, still trying not to toss. Haha.

    1. I love the wonderful name… we are so great! 🙂
      Great job on the birthday WOD! glad I stayed for that one

  3. Dan and Landon 4:30

  4. Joelle and Katie 7:14 Blue Band Pull-ups
    (I had to switch to green halfway through – definitely my weakness)

    FMI – 200s 1:57, 1:58, 1:56

  5. Hey Landon, you and Dan got 3:40.

    Forney and Armando – 4:03

    Got my first bar muscle-ups today too. Pretty psyched. Might use them in future wods.

  6. Went solo on this one at home–75 unassisted, strict pull ups for time: 13:50.

  7. Iron Gym WOD (21-15-9 of L-Pullups, Pushups, Situps)

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