Wednesday Workout: Tabata Fun

Free Day! Whoop Whoop. Come experience CrossFit and learn why our athletes show measurable dramatic performance increases in just 2 months time.

On that note…Congratulations to Lydia for winning the performance challenge!! Lydia started the competition with a deadlift of 116# and a metabolic workout that she completed in 24 minutes and 3 seconds. Yesterday, she lifted 143# (well over her body weight) off the ground and completed the same workout in 17 minutes and 2 seconds for an overall improvement of 26%!

Our runners up included Chris G (you remember our triathlete who won his sprint tri?) who pulled an impressive 56 pounds more than his prior record and shaved over 3 minutes off of his metabolic workout. Paige came in third with an awesome 18% overall improvement.

We’ve posted the full results here. Good job everyone. We’ll start a new performance challenge in a few weeks.

8 Tabata Intervals (20 seconds of work; 10 seconds of rest) of:

  • Pullups
  • Pushups
  • Situps
  • Squats

(We will scale this to your athletic ability)


The Winner!

38 Comments on “Wednesday Workout: Tabata Fun

  1. Woo Hoo! ‘Tabata Something Else’
    This is a good one 🙂

    Congrats to the top girl & guy, Lydia & Chris.
    Then, back to Lydia for taking it all!
    Nice work!

    Nate, I think you posted seconds before I did.
    There were no comments when I clicked to post.

  2. yay Lydia and Chris! Congrats to both of you and the rest of the performance challenge gang for working so hard. Everyone at CrossFit Charlottesville is EXTREMELY proud of you all!

  3. 73 pullups, 67 pushups, 82 situps, 122 squats = 344

    congrats lydia! that much improvement on the WOD is killer, great job 😀

  4. 410 – don’t quite remember how i got there. i also think my math was wrong and it was more like 405.

  5. Pull Up: 79
    Push Up: 74
    Situps: 105
    Squat: 124

    Total: 382

    Huge tear on my left palm on rd 4 of pullups. All my pushups were off my fingers as a result. Just as my hands were getting better too.

    Dave, were these the “gloves” you were talking about?
    I never used to tear my hands, but the bar at the gym coupled with trying to butterfly has taken a huge toll on my hands. Seriously considering getting something to prevent palm tears.

    • Hey–I’m a UVa alum, followed the UVA crossfit blog for awhile and have migrated here for help in planning my solo crossfit stuff day-to-day in Bahrain. There’s a couple guys on the Navy base that train, but I’m not military, so my girlfriend and I just do our thing. Anyway, great site–it’s nice to see crossfit thriving in cville.

      Anyway, I have the new grips. They are pretty solid and durable, though you could probably make them yourself if you had an old neoprene wetsuit. Better than a weightglove in my opinion and it will work your grip/forearms because of the increased circumference of any bar that you grip with them.

    • Nate – I’ll write a post on blister care and treatment.

      Chris – Are you doing our WODs? Thanks for keeping up with us. Feel free to stop by when you are in town again.

      • I try to follow them as I can. Most of the gyms in Bahrain are either celeb style and have no free weights or pull-up bars, or they’re bodybuilding gyms which are pricey (my money is already going to muay thai at a BJJ gym already). So I’m making the most of my apartment gym…no weight racks yet, so i have to clean every load I put up and i have to use a ladder as a pull-up .

        Back squat is tough to train heavy on for instance. But that said, I make do. Would you mind if I post times?

      • Please post your times.. would love to see them on here.

  6. 334, I think. 81 pullups, 89 pushups?, 69 situps, 108 squats. That adds to 347. I have no idea.

    Thanks for the congratulations, guys. I’d like to thank the Glaw sandbag and my crush on Crossfit. I think I am spending the money on shoes.

  7. 80 pullups,100 pushups, 82 situps, 96 squats = 358
    My next set of pushups will be dedicated to you, Kyle. Form over speed.

    Also finished my last 500m on the rower from last night’s WOD at 2:02. I may get knocked down, but don’t ever count me out!

  8. 36 Pull up, 42 Push up, 95 sit up, 105 squat = 278 first WOD not doing any assisted pullups.

  9. 454 (not sure the breakdown), thanks to my unending dedication to speed over form 🙂

  10. 120 pull ups
    86 push ups
    93 sit ups
    120 squats

    Total: 419

    Plus 1 minute wall handstand
    Only took me three tries 😉

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