Saturday Workout: Upside-Down Tailpipe

Today is a FREE DAY. Come between 10AM and Noon for free exposure to CrossFit Charlottesville. Also, starting at Noon, we have a free seminar introducing you to the CrossFit movements.ย  Please arrive at Noon sharp.


8 sprints total (run to truck or 250m row); teammate not sprinting is in HSPU hold; each teammate completes 4 sprints


15 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Upside-Down Tailpipe

  1. 10:11 Early birthday WOD
    Thanks, guys, that was fun and very … burp-ee ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. 7:37 with 30 sec. HSPU holds

    Great job on the birthday WOD Lauren and Hillary!

    FMI: 200s/500 for form – 1:55, 1:54, 1:55

  3. Team Ba-DONK-a-donk ๐Ÿ™‚
    7:41?? … Elizabeth? I’m not sure

    9:53 Early Birthday WOD
    I feel awful after those two! my brain is not functioning for times.. and yes they were very Burp-ee. I’m glad I had a partner for that extremely fun WOD! Thanks Hillary for going early!

    Thanks guys for the Birthday love!

    1. 7:36, 7:41… who knows?

      You and Hillary KILLED that sadistic birthday WOD!!!

  4. Nick and Chris… 8:53 with some 20 burpees thrown in on the end thanks to my dropping from the handstand hold. Hope you enjoyed the present Nick!

  5. thanks for everyone who came out to the seminar today.

    Dave, Nate and Francesco

    1. & Gretchen ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Big Thank Yous to Landon, Kyle, Forney & Ben for doing the seminar for us & more Thank Yous to the trainees for being good sports. I hope the new faces become familar to the gym.

    w/ Seth: 7:41(?) 20 burpees(my fault)

  8. I’d like to also thank everyone who came to the seminar today. I had a fantastic time teaching the movements and I hope you had a good time learning them. Hope to see some of the trainees in the gym.

    Also thank you to Kyle, Landon, Forney and Ben (even if he was going Santa’s sleigh style outside) for putting this on. Great experience and excellent feedback.

  9. With all the time I spent at the gym today I managed to not workout. Way to go me. Decided to do the regular “Tailpipe” this evening instead.

    3 rds of:
    row 250m
    50 sec dumbbell hold in rack position- 55lb dumbbells

    5:29 More of a mental game than anything

    Note: Found this video of someone doing the workout. I may not be fantastic at rowing but know enough to say this is NOT how you row! Keep that handle on an even plane!

    1. Speaking of rowing, we have the UVa Crew Coach coming in to teach us a seminar in a few weeks.

  10. Team Sawyer 8:27
    and way to go Lauren and Hillary on your birthday wod, that was intense!!!

  11. 6:54 mile run, a PR (although really the first time i’ve had it timed in a decade)

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