30 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Rowing

  1. wow
    keep up the workout brader 🙂

  2. Hi Charlottsville Crossfit, I crossfit in Malvern PA at CrossFitInspire. I know a guy named Deverett who I think works out with you folks. He told me the other day, he was thinking about doing 2 days, because you weren’t challenging him enough with the 1 WOD. He doesn’t like to show off, so maybe the coaches could silently make sure his Rx doubles. Hey Deverett, just trying to help! You need to drag Tara and Rob in there and show them what a workout is!

    1. Mark, we don’t have anyone named Deverett who works out at our box.

    1. Hmm, seems my name isn’t displaying appropriately. I’ll get the hang of this yet.

  3. 7:07.8 PR by 10 sec.

  4. 9:41 PR (last time 10:19…38 seconds faster)

  5. 9:30 (12:5? Last time)

    1. Oops I meant 10:5? Last time.

  6. 6:57 PR by 12 seconds.

    1. Awesome man. Sub-7 is pretty flippin’ sweet. Definitely my next goal.

    2. I think you posted while Kyle was signed in.

      1. Excellent time though!

    3. Congrats man. That was sick.

  7. 8:59.0 w/tiara courtesy of the lovely Miss Elizabeth

    1. w/ tiara? At LEAST 10-15 sec. faster 🙂

    2. by the power of Grayskull!!! I have the POWERRRRRR!!!

      Who needs a special sword when you have a sparkly tiara!?!

  8. 8:42.0
    Rowed cautiously to avoid another “incident”. Will give it my all next time.

  9. 7:53 at UVA. Ok with it, but probably was a little too safe on the front end.

  10. Worked out at Newport Beach Crossfit…

    Shoulder Press 45#

    Row 2,000 meters

    WOD: 5 rounds of
    3 Cleans 65#
    10 burpees

    time 5:53

    1. shoulder press was 5 x 5

  11. 7:45 ….weak sauce!

    where were my cheerleaderS?

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