New Programming Cycle: Relative Intensity, Strength Maintenance & Gymnastic Bias

We’ve just finished a strength bias programming cycle thanks to Forney.  We’ve seen some really awesome results and many of you have gotten a lot stronger.

The next cycle will prioritize relative intensity, strength maintenance and gymnastic skill work.  Relative intensity means most of the WODs will be matched to your one-rep maxes. Essentially if you see lower total number of reps (16 to 20), you can assume we’re targeting 70-85% of your max. If you see 25 to 45 reps, you can assume we’re targeting 50 to 65% of your max. In addition to these WODs, we have periodized certain strength movements over a three week cycle.  In the first week, the movement will be in a workout, in the next week, it will be a strict, heavy movement and the final week it will be included as a heavy movement in a workout.  We roughly follow Mark Rutherford’s rep scheme, but have eliminated one rep max days for the most part.

Overall, workout times will slightly increase, you’ll see fewer strength days and a lot more gymnastic/core work.  We want to maintain the strength we built in the last cycle, but also build strength endurance as much as possible.   A lot of the strength we’re doing in this cycle is associate with certain gymnastic movements, so we’re trying to build core strength as much as possible.

Afternoon classes will now start promptly at 5, 5:30, 6 and 6:30PM, unless it’s a strength day. You will need to warmup with our standard warmup on your own, classes are on a first-come, first-serve basis and we’ll typically cut things off at 20 minutes if you aren’t done.

1 thought on “New Programming Cycle: Relative Intensity, Strength Maintenance & Gymnastic Bias

  1. Many thanks to everyone for diligently following the strength-bias/max-effort program. Rock on!

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