Saturday Workout: Silly Walks

Today is a Free Day.  It’s going to be sunny and we’re opening the gym to you to try with no obligation. Stop by anytime between 10AM and Noon.

10 Minute AMRAP of

  • dumbbell bear crawl length of mat
  • med ball broad jump length of mat (with ball held between legs),
  • crab walk length of mat

(Scoring = # of rounds completed X sum of dumbbell and ball weight)


13 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Silly Walks

  1. Swallow all dignity day. Excellent.

  2. There better be lots of photos of this…..haha

  3. dumbbell bear crawls are the best!

  4. 9.6 rounds x (30 14) = 422
    Think I could step it up to 20# dumbbells and maybe the 20# medicine ball next time.

  5. 6.3 rounds (24#/10#) = 214.2
    Those crab walks are killer!
    Also did the strap sprint thing with Kyle, and, not gonna lie, I felt a little used after.

  6. 10.3 rnds 50×20 = 721

  7. 9 rounds 20+6 = 234

    Will go heavier in bear crawl next time. The med ball, not so much.

    This WOD was crazy fun – loved it!!!

  8. Crossfit Newport Beach’s WOD was certainly not this much fun!!

    “Wild Thing”
    5 rds: 3 cleans, 10 burpees

    and I have a shirt… will probably be going to Gretchen they only had Women’s Mediums

  9. Did yesterday’s WOD.

    2K: 7:13 (PR)

    I was aiming a little lower but a PR is a PR. Thanks Landon for coaching me!

    Good work everyone. For as silly as it looked, it looked just as difficult.

  10. hey what’s the length of the mat?

    1. about 25-30 ft.

  11. 5.3 rounds (30#,10#) 212

  12. 1 mile run – 6:52 PR (last week 6:54) quit for 20 seconds before last lap, needed xfit help

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