Tuesday Workout: CrossFit Total

CrossFit Total

The CrossFit Total is the sum of the best of three attempts at the squat, the press, and the deadlift… There is no time limit for each lift or for the length of the session in which they are all performed, but they must all be performed during one session—i.e., you cannot leave the area to rest or perform other activities between the three lifts.

The first attempt would be a weight you know you can do for a heavy set of three. The second attempt would be a weight you know without any doubt that you could do for a single, having just done the first attempt. And the third attempt is the weight you want to do, based on your performance on the previous two attempts.

Make sure you have an hour to get through everything. We won’t start anyone after 6:15PM on Tuesday.

UPDATE: Scoreboard!



35 thoughts on “Tuesday Workout: CrossFit Total

  1. First Total!

  2. Ill be that guy….happy bday jason g. thoughts for a bday wod???

    1. anything involving a tiara!!!!

  3. S: 199
    SP: 111
    DL: 258
    Total: 568

  4. squat-177

  5. the press is an isolated shoulder press, no hips allowed correct?

    1. Chris, correct. The bar is racked in the starting position with the elbows under or slightly ahead of the bar. The bar path moves as close to a straight line as possible with your head moving out of the way of the bar and the finish is fully locked out shoulders with the head coming through the arms at the top.

  6. S: 243
    P: 143
    DL: 392 <——-UGLY!!
    Total: 778 I added wrong on the board.

    Really need to focus on a DL progression where I don't work anything really really heavy and focus on keeping my back locked.

    1. watch this vid (#4)…think we should work on this:

      tate goes over the dimel deadlift…looks like a neat technique to build up that explosive strength so it doesn’t look like we are dying on the way up.

      1. Still can’t forget the image of Fran’s 5-minute deadlift.

  7. back squat: 204 (pr)
    shoulder press: 104
    deadlift: 265

    total: 573

  8. 133 SP, 231 BS PR, 415 DL PR = 778

    1. Hey 778 buddy!

      1. Chest Bump!

  9. BS: 133 PR
    SP: 67 PR
    DL: 155 PR
    Total: 355

    Finally got to the big girl weights on the SP. Thanks Davc! Woohoo!

  10. Squat: 236
    Shoulder Press: 148 (102% BW)
    Deadlift: 270
    Total: 654

    All PRs because I’ve never attempted 1RMs before

    1. nice bodyweight shoulder press! that’s awesome

  11. Before I forget my weights again I better post them…
    BS: 89
    SP: 50
    DL: 133

  12. BS: 89,94,99
    SP: x, 45, 50
    DL: 116, 121, Kyle wouldn’t let me try a third. Sad.
    270 total

    1. only because you will be more badass in the future

  13. Gretchen Kittelberger November 17, 2009 — 9:28 pm

    S: 192
    SP: 92
    DL: 251


  14. BS: 116 (PR)
    SP: 55 (PR)
    DL: 133 (bah)

    total: 304

  15. BS: 226 (PR)
    DL: 282 (PR)
    SP: 0! (not PR)

    Total: 508

    Birthday WOD:

    3 rounds
    drink 1/3 can of nectar
    row 400m at damper setting for an NFL lineman
    15 hang PC 72#
    15 ring dips
    15 double kb swings (25# each)
    1 tiara adjustment


    Thanks for the birthday wishes and encouragement!

    1. Can’t stop laughing!!

    2. Tiara is now on pretty much permanent loan for birthday WODs!!!

  16. Excellent job on the bday WOD Jason!

    For me,
    BS = 116# (PR)
    SP = 55# (??)
    DL = 148 (<PR)

    The highest shoulder press post I can find is 50#, but I seem to remember doing more. Then again, I don't remember what I had for breakfast …

  17. 243, 133, 285 = 656

  18. S: 177 (PR)
    P: 99
    DL: 277
    Total: 553

    1. When did you start using Beyondthewhiteboard??? (I’m not a stalker, your feed came up on the front of the site) What do you think of it so far?

  19. BS: 143 (PR)
    SP: 70 (PR)
    DL: 204 (PR)
    Total: 417

  20. BS: 221 (PR)
    DL: 270 (PR)
    SP: 0 (injured like a little bird)

    Total: 491

    great job everyone!

    1. gogogo team injured bird!

  21. BS: 204 (PR)
    SP: 126
    DL: 297 (PR)

  22. BS: 279 (PR)
    DL: 309 (PR)
    done on 11/23/2009

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