Wednesday Workout: Squat DB Cleans & Box Jumps

Gymnastic Warmup

  • Pike walk one length of the mat
  • Pike kicks one length of the mat
  • 10x hollow rocks
  • 10x arch rocks
  • 30-45 sec hanging shoulder stretch (on the lower pull-up bar so you can still support your weight with your feet if needed)
  • Handstand hold with stomach against the wall—goal is to be able to do it for one minute minimum but hold as long as you are able to while keeping proper body position
  • 7-10 arch-hollow snaps (the kip drill where you are in a push up position then sink your hips down and snap them up again as you lift your feet off the floor)


4 Rounds of

  • 25 Dumbbell Hang Squat Cleans (compare DB weight to 10/26)
  • 25 Box Jumps (24#+20KG Plate Men / 18#+20KG Plate Women)


26 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Squat DB Cleans & Box Jumps

  1. 16:33
    20# dbs first set, 15# dbs thereafter, 24″ box

    Incidentally, I started the box jumps with the 20 kg plate on top–my practice jumps felt good, but after that first set of db squat cleans my legs were already fatigued and my first attempt onto the box must’ve looked something like Wiley Coyote flying face first into the side of a mountain. I’m sure Landon could attest–he saw it.

  2. 12:32
    24# dbs front squat, 18# box

    I don’t plan on getting up from my office chair the rest of the day.

  3. Random newbie question:

    What do people suggest using to track results of their workouts. Is posting to the comments enough? Do some people use a notebook, online site, etc?


    1. In addition to logging everything in comment form here, I also use a little Moleskine notebook to record my results. From the main site forums I’ve also seen the following sites recommended:

      I haven’t tried either yet myself, but they both look pretty promising.

    2. G,
      At the very least I would keep a separate logbook. My personal suggestion is to have 2 different sections if thats the way you go. Have a front section with the “benchmark” WOD’s (see “the girls” and “heros” on the mainsite FAQ) and then after that have a by date thing. Write down not only what you do but some notes to yourself (ie. This felt good, could go higher, etc). Another option is to do this using an excel spreadsheet.

      On the other hand there are several logbook websites out there. The ones I can think of are:

      I’m sure there are a ton more. Personally I use beyondthewhiteboard. It is $3 a month, but to me it is worth it. I can track everything, including my weight, body measurements and my meals if I desired. If there is anyone else at the gym who uses this website you are welcome to reference my page. No long after I complete the WOD I will create the workout if it isn’t already in there so anyone else can just post from my workout and not have to recreate the WOD. My page is:

      Ok, that was probably a lot, but I can’t stress enough how important keeping a logbook is. You can’t get better if you don’t know what your previous “good” was. Hope that helps.

      1. Thanks for the advice. Signed up for and going to give that one a try.

  4. 10:38 @ 20# dumbbells and 24″ box jumps

  5. 16:33 @ 35# /27″

  6. Gretchen Kittelberger November 18, 2009 — 7:23 pm

    13:20; 20# DB’s and 21″ box

  7. 15:07 25# for one set then 20# and 20 inch box.
    I am leaving for the beach Friday. Anyone know of a Crossfit affiliate in Morehead City/ Atlantic Beach NC?

    1. I don’t think there is one. Find a globo gym and do our WODs as best as you can!

  8. 15:20 30#/27″

  9. Did my CFT today:
    BS 275
    SP 145
    DL 385
    Total 805 (current bodyweight: 157)

  10. 17:20 @ 35#/27″

  11. 14:29 27″ and 30# DBs

  12. 16:59 w/ 20# DB’s, 27″ box

  13. 15:02 with 10# DBs, 24″ box, switched to 21″ box for last two sets.

    My quads are screamin’ !

  14. 20 # dumbels 12:51 highest box with 20 kg weight on top

  15. 15:08 @ 25#/27″ – for good measure 2K row 7:19

  16. 10:18 w/12# wts and the “medium” box. Couldn’t hack it w/the 20 kg weight on top for fear of epic fail into the wall.

  17. 13:40 w/ 15# DB and “medium” box with 20kg weight on, so 21″
    Not my best performance today 🙁

    1. Lauren, that’s really good. Going 10 pounds heavier x 100 reps = 1,000# more than the lower weight. Think of it that way.

  18. 13:30 20# DB, 24″ BJ.

    1. No busted shins from the brick fireplace?

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