24 thoughts on “Thursday Workout: Goodbye Shoulders

  1. 9:45, 55#–> 45# on 3rd round. (assisted ring dips, knee PUs… 3 tries for the final pushup… blargh)

  2. 9:24 71# for first two rounds and 61# for third round.

  3. Excellent work everyone who came in this morning!

    First WOD I’ve done alone in awhile. I wonder how much of a difference there would have been if someone was there with there foot in my back 🙂
    8:30 104#

    When I’m in the gym by myself it reminds me of an empty cage.

    1. I hate you for using 104#. I was going to go lighter to save myself (It’s already day 4 for me and I have 1 more to go) but now I can’t let you beat me! haha.

      1. Granted I took an early rest day yesterday & some very tight & sore legs this morning. I calculated 65% of my 1RM Push Press at 106.47# then erred to the lighter side with some reservation.
        Then again, I think most of us feel like we should/want to go heavier 🙂

        This was a good one. Shoulders & triceps were fried by Rd. 3 (of course)

  4. 6:08 @94#

    I learned my lesson last night about going heavy so I decided to lighten it up (~50% of max)

    Great work to the noon class, you guys are a lot of fun

    1. How’s your shoulder feeling after that? (Nice work btw)

  5. whoever wrote that I need to grow, please tell me how I accomplish that goal.

  6. 7:58 111#

  7. 8:24 72# (50%)

  8. 6:47 37#, box dips

  9. 8:35 42#, box dips

    Said goodbye to my shoulders during the second round.

    1. FMI: 200s/500 straight back form 2:00, 1:53, 1:53

  10. 6:11

    42#, box dips (should have gone harder on that), pushups from knees after 1.5 rds

  11. 7:54 (?) 89# assisted ring dips – great job to everyone at the 6pm class.

  12. 6:06–67#–Asisted ring pullups

  13. Modified Version at UVA

    4 rounds of

    10 push press (90, 75, 75, 75)
    20 bar dips
    10 push ups

    Not sure of time, but it was between 10-15 minutes

  14. 4:09
    67# SDHP
    37# PP

    subbed 20 doubleunders for ring dips…yes i am still healing my elbow/tricep injury

  15. 6:29, 42#
    box dips, knee pushups

  16. 6:31 I think? And 10# dumbells, box dips.

  17. 9:14 @ 67# and assisted dips

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