24 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Good Mornings, Double Unders & Jumping Squats

  1. After watching this video I’m really expecting this to be awful….

    Not to mention I’m bad at double-unders.

    Kyle (or anyone who has a good answer), having never done “heavy” good mornings is there a percentage of some lift that you would expect these could be done at?

    1. Everett usually prescribes these at 20-35% of back squat 1RM

  2. oh you will all so love us after today….

    good morning 3*5 @ #60

    WOD: 10:02 @ #45

  3. Good Mornings @ 67#
    WOD: 12:55 promptly followed by horrible moaning

    Double unders are still up there as one of the many things I’m very bad at

    1. Nate: The beyondthewhiteboard.com account has been set up for Crossfit Charlottesville. I think we’re the only ones from the gym who use it though.

  4. Crossfit Extreme Fitness

    500 meter row
    3 rds.
    21 KB Swings
    12 Pull Ups


    1. 1.5 Pood for KB (53#)

      1. you out of town?

      2. Rockville, MD

  5. Hey I like that twitter post about the trends. Notice how there is a huge spike for the other gyms at the end of/beginning of each year. hahah. Looks like Crossfit doesn’t have that jump and then drop off….maybe because when someone finds CrossFit they realize, IT WORKS!

  6. Dont need a stopwatch for this one…

    Hoping to finish before we close!

    1. I heard sundials are real cheap these days

  7. 11:38 RX and 121# good mornings

  8. 10:54 Rx… Squatish…

  9. 12:44 @ 35# bar and not full ROM squats
    … 5K in the morning! shooting for low-19’s, let see how my legs feel after this one.

  10. Good Mornings: 67#

    WOD: 8:00 @ 35#, 50-40 only

    1. why you stop dude?

      1. a weak mind and eating a tuna sandwich 30 minutes before the WOD (didnt plan on coming yesterday, but knew I’d be asleep on saturday). im sure i could have finished and gotten a decent 12-13 minute time, but maybe pukey

  11. 55# x 3 good mornings
    WOD: 10:53 w/ triple single unders and air jumping squats

  12. 77/89/89 GMs
    12:43 35# for jumping squats.

  13. 9:28 RXd

    Followed by 1/2 gallon milk-chug for time: 1hr 30min.

    1. I think you could have done better on the milk chug. At least it was whole milk and none of that wimpy skim or 1%. A+ for effort, though.

  14. GMs: 67, 67, 77
    WOD: 10:45 (triple single unders, unweighted jumping squats)

  15. GMs @ 87#

    WOD: 16:09 @ 25#

    (I’m posting this at 3PM the day after, and my legs are still pissed at me.)

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