19 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: Nasty Girls

    1. er, that link is of the nasty girls workout. it’s intense.

      1. I would NOT want to run into those ladies in a dark alley.

  1. Out of town unfortunately. Have fun everyone!
    This is one of my favorites!

  2. 9:17 (45#, ring rows and assisted ring dips instead of muscle ups)

  3. 12:30 w/35# and 14 ring rows/14 assisted dips

  4. 12:25 45#, ring rows/assisted ring dips instead of muscle ups

    It wasn’t pretty. I will be spending the rest of the weekend stretching out my quads and hamstrings.

    1. I’ve been way behind on picking this up but just started using the foam roller we have in the gym. works wonders for sore legs. Since I don’t have a roller at home I found that an old nalgene bottle works just as well. Google “foam rolling” or “myofascial release” to find some good info. Get those legs fixed so you can hit it hard next week!

      1. Someone will have to show me what to do with it. Better yet, couldn’t I just hire a masseuse? I’ll be ready for next week one way or another.

  5. 17:12, 89# and 14 ring PU/ring dips per set. ouch.

    1. great job Jason! we need to figure out muscle-ups cause the pull-up/dip sub is way too hard. haha

  6. UVA 4th year 5K: 19:40 (PR)
    Nasty Girls: 15:36 (14 ring pull-ups and ring dips, 89# hang power cleans)

    I’m tired now. 😀

    1. I’m still amazed you did nasty girls after running a sub-20 5k as a warmup. nice work.

  7. 12:38
    89#, subbed ring rows/dips for MUs

  8. 9:16 RXd…and nasty

  9. 10:18 55#, 14 ring rows/dips for muscle ups

  10. Warmup-max pullups: 32

    Prepping for my rowing goal, tried to keep at 1:50, next time try t0 keep at 1:48:

    13 intervals of 43 seconds on/ 30 seconds rest:
    Total time: 9:19 2521 meters rowed 1:50.8/500m 30 s/m

    1-191m 1:52.5 28s/m
    2-194m 1:50.8 29s/m
    3-193m 1:51.3 29s/m
    4-195m 1:50.2 29s/m
    5-195m 1:50.2 29s/m
    6-193m 1:51.3 29s/m
    7-193m 1:51.3 31s/m
    8-195m 1:50.2 31s/m
    9-195m 1:50.2 31s/m
    10-194 1:50.8 31s/m
    11-192 1:51.9 31s/m
    12-198 1:48.5 32s/m
    13-195 1:50.2 32s/m

  11. 6:25

    55#, ring pullups/dips

  12. 11:12, 35#, ring rows and assisted ring dips. Quads officially spanked.

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