27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: Heavy Thrusters and Gymnastic Work

  1. Any video of what a mini-tap swing is?

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3s9xEBD9mE She does some taps in this one… but she also does a lot more. And I love her explanations. Can we do “whips”?

    1. “somebody call 911 shorty fire burning on the dance floor… whoa oh oh”… I had to watch this video again because I wasn’t through laughing. That girl cracks me up. “A pullover is very basic. Watch. [does pullover] Okay that’s the pullover.” hahaha love it. But I am with Tim: what are “mini-tap swings”?

      1. From what we were told this morning, a mini-tap swing is the first thing she does in the video Elizabeth posted above (where she is using the bungee cord). Basically, you hang from a pull up bar, bend at the waist, legs straight. and get the tops of your feet up to the bar.

        I say ‘what we were told’ rather than ‘what I did’ because none of my reps came close to looking like they should have. It was a sad, sad morning.

  3. Thrusters: 89, 111, 111, 116, 121
    WOD: 12:38

  4. Gretchen Kittelberger November 23, 2009 — 11:56 am


    Here’s an example of the what mini-tap swings are–it’s at about the one minute mark in the video. Although the guy in the video doesn’t really open his shoulder angle in the front as much as I would like to see that’s the general idea.

  5. Thrusters: 67, 77, 82, 82, 82

    Oh wow Monday Funday! Can bridge push-ups be a new modification for hand stand push-ups?

  6. thrusters: 99×2, 111×3
    then did hollow rocks, arch rocks, mini-tap swings, jumping muscle-up work, handstand push-ups, and ring dips

  7. Training at CrossFit BWI for the week

    3*#67, 3*#95, 3*#105, 3*#95, 3*#95

    WOD: 5 rounds of 10 toes to bar and 15 GHD back extensions

  8. 5:19 WOD, 279# Back Squat (PR, 2x Bodyweight), 309# DL

  9. 95,105,110, 110, 110

  10. 50, 50, 55, 60, oops. 7:36 and I suck at hollow rocks.

    1. You, Hillary, and I should start a “hollow rocks are impossible” club. I seriously have no idea how to do them.

      1. Amen, sistah. I blame the booty.

      2. Jason told me the booty is supposed to be the fulcrum. If this is true, I think I have got this a LOT more figured out!

  11. 60(2 reps), 55×4…frustrating thruster day.

    7:46 on the WOD

  12. 65, 67 x 4

    5:15 on the WOD

    … and 3 kipping pull-ups!!! (not in a row though)

    1. Woo Hillary! And yes, I agree about the booty being an obstacle.

  13. 89,111,111,111, then a shoulder pop 🙁

    4:46 on the WOD

  14. Gretchen Kittelberger November 23, 2009 — 9:13 pm


  15. 111, 116, 121 x 3

  16. Thrusters: 89#
    WOD: 6:31

  17. 72# Thrusters

    Not sure on my time I forgot to ask for the second time (brain does not function after work outs!)
    I will guess 5:35 because I was after Hillary 🙂

  18. 89×2 then 133×3 FS as the shoulder started bugging me.
    5:43 for WOD.

  19. 25, 30 x 4
    7:42 WOD

  20. 72# thrusters

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