Wednesday Workout: Shoulder Press

Only 5PM and 5:30PM afternoon classes tomorrow.


Shoulder Press 5-5-5-5-5 (75%)

Gymnastic Drill

Hanging L-Holds (sub is hanging tuck holds): 1 min hold, 1 min rest, 45 sec hold, 45 sec. rest, 30 sec hold, 30 sec rest, 15 sec hold, 15 sec rest

45 Seconds After

  • 2 Round of Max Pullups (1 Minute Rest Between)

Gretchen wrote this when she sent it to us:

this is might be ridiculously hard but it’s the day before thanksgiving so I decided it was ok



21 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Shoulder Press

  1. guess i found my avatar pic.

  2. Are the pull-ups supposed to be strict or can we kip?

    1. Whatever flavor you would like to work on a max. for today

  3. SP: 40,40,40,45,40

    did hanging tuck holds, fell off once

    pullups: 11, 6 w/blue band (yay I graduated)

  4. SP: 116×5

    Hanging: it was ok

    Pullups (strict): 20 (PR), 7

  5. shoulder press: 99×5
    going away WOD: 12:04
    50 overhead walking lunges @ 22#
    then 3 rounds:
    10 deadlifts @ 199#
    300 m row @ damper setting 7
    10 pull-ups

    I just want to give a HUGE thank you to everyone at CrossFit Charlottesville, trainers and members alike. I have had a blast these past several months getting to know many of you, and I am very thankful for the entire gym experience. Have a great holiday season, and I hope to see you all shortly down the road!
    Take care,

  6. SP: 67,67,67,67,77
    Hanging tuck hold
    Pull-ups 5,2

  7. Max rep pullups: 41

    Then my hand started to tear so I called it a day

    1. Nice work buddy!

    2. nice nice mr. butterfly man

  8. SP – 5×55#

    Hanging tuck holds – did ’em all as listed – ouch, my hands!

    Green band pullups – 15, 13

  9. 89, 99, 104 x 3 – only 4.5 on 4th set
    13, 6 pullups – hands hurt.

  10. so few people came today? strange…you should all be killing yourselves in preparation for the Thanksgiving Day feast tomorrow!
    Still working out at CrossFit BWI:
    Warmup: Overhead Squat

    5 Rounds
    10 Deadlift 200#
    5 Handstand Walk Ups + Push Up
    Time: 11:10
    and elbow is feeling good for the first time in weeks!

  11. 45, 50, 50, 45, 45. Did 8 then 7 pullups. Managed not to drop during the hang, but did tuck instead of L hold. Thanks for the workout, Gretchen! Bring on the turkey.

  12. Shoulder Press: 60# (5×5)
    Hanging tuck holds
    Pullups (green band): 6, 6

    Oh, my hands! Maybe beer and cupcakes will help.

  13. 77# SP
    7, 7 kipping pull-ups

  14. 50,55,50×3
    Tuck holds, dropped off the bar once to change grip (ouch my hands)
    17,11 pullups with the blue band

  15. 5×5 94#
    Dead Hang Pull Ups:
    12, 6

  16. SP: 45,55,3×45
    34 pullups green band, 4 pullups blue band

    Goodbye WOD: 11:44
    with eating cupcake instead of “hydrating”

    My Crossfit experience:
    “I never thought I’d actually LIKE crossfit”.
    But I did. It took me some time, but I did enjoy going to the gym: Having a hard-but-good workout and meeting great people. You all have been very nice to me and I’m sad I have to leave so soon after just getting to know you. Thank you all!!!

  17. I sucked pretty bad at the l-sit/tuck holds.

    11/5 for the pull-ups.

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


    89 / 99 / 111 / 121 / 121 For shoulder press but no struggle, gotta find magic number!

    I need serious work on L Holds…

    38 / 21 for the pullups

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