17 thoughts on “Friday Workout: Heavy Viking Fran

  1. I may have had a little bit of excess tension in my face during this muscle up…

  2. 13:21, 37#s, green band pull ups

  3. cindy
    18 rds + 7 push ups
    strict pullups, PR with FROM

  4. 13:12, 57#, green band PUs

  5. 13:27, 45# JPUs

    It was really tough, but I loved this workout! Must be my Viking heritage.

    1. FMI: 500 splits – 750@2:04, 500@2:02, 250@2:03

      1. Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 12:11, 47#, blue band

    That was awful – running this morning was not a good idea. A viking helmet may have helped though, I certainly row better with fancy headwear.

  7. 16:21 (99#)
    18 hour fast not so good.

  8. Nice work everyone!

    14:04 (111#)

    Thanks Kyle, Forney, Ben & Justin for sticking around to coach & encourage. I appreciate it.

    1. Dude thanks for coaching me through. I seriously felt like quitting today. Worst I’ve felt in a LONG time on a WOD.

      1. Happy to do it. Way to soldier through it. Thanks for the tape & sparing me from leaving a bloody hand print on the wall. Not classy at all:)

  9. 13:22 / 89# / C2B

  10. 14:10, 67#, c2b (mostly jumping)

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