15 thoughts on “Saturday Workout: AMRAP Power Cleans, Front Squat, Deadlift

  1. 11:20, 57#, followed by about a minute of standing still and not moving at all

  2. 17:23, 67#!, but had to go down to 45# after 3 1/3 rounds. 15 second crawl to my water bottle. Painfully good WOD.

    FMI: 200/500 splits – 1:54, 1:51, 1:49
    Increase GHD from 10# to 15#

  3. 10:11 3 rds 57#, 3 rds 45#

  4. Totally awesome. Did the last set of DLs with my eyes closed because I was just seeing stars and random colors anyway. About 16 min / 89#

  5. 19:25 (111#)

  6. Couldn’t make it in today so did a 4K row. 14:55

    I was shooting for 1:50 splits but just watched that pace boat get further and further ahead….next time

    1. Nate, that’s still a GREAT time for a 4k! Incredible stamina there. And keep in mind that maintaining a 1:49/1:50 pace for a 4k or 5k is what coaches DREAM of for their heavyweight men!

      1. FMI: http://www.concept2.com/sranking03/get_wrankings.asp the rankings for men’s heavyweight 5k on the Concept 2 online database

  7. Oooh…my elbows are NOT up in that picture 🙂 looking forward to starting workouts with you guys in January!

    1. i think they’re coming around. looking forward to seeing you in the box!

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