Set Your 4 Week Goals

We added a goal setting board in the back of the box next to the GHD machine.  The idea is to pick an exercise/movement/or another personal goal, make it public so you are held accountable and revisit it in 4 wks to see how well you have tracked against your goal.  The board is setup in the following manner:

  • Member:  put your name here
  • Exercise:  the movement/lift/personal goal you have for yourself
  • Current/Goal:  put the weight/rep/etc… parameters of your current exercise and write in where you would like to be in 4 wks
  • 4 Wks later:  this is where you turn into a zombie or kill other zombies.  Write in the date 4 wks from when you wrote down your goal from above and revisit the exercise/movement on that day/week

All of the trainers are participating in this as well so you are not alone!

55 thoughts on “Set Your 4 Week Goals

  1. My goal is to lower my 2k row from 7:45 to 7:10 by 12/16…ambitious but nice to aim high. Hopefully the rowing clinic with the UVA head coach will help.

    1. Attempted this yesterday, 12/16, after the weighted pullup/burpee WOD…

      2k row in = 7:35 (PR), but 25 seconds shy of my goal.

  2. 10 strict pull-ups. Current at 5.

  3. C&J 100 kg.

    1. Forney, I bow at your feet good sir

      1. If that happens that is….

      2. This one is a big IF…
        I’ve done all of the background work, but 100kg is a big psychological barrier. Definitely hold off on the prostration until it actually happens.

  4. 4 unbroken muscle-ups
    Currently have 2…if I’m lucky

  5. 1 dead hang pullup

    My other goal was a kipping pu but I’m up to 3 in a row now – so I’ll change it to actually do kips in a WOD rather than just bogart the bar after 🙂

    1. I guess I missed that you were stringing those together. Great work!

  6. 1 FROM handstand push up. I can go down but can’t get back up.

    1. Modified goal to something more realistic: 3 x 200/500s @1:45

  7. improve diet…kipping pullups…run a 6:30 mile…21 HSPU…back to back muscle ups

    1. One thing at a time buddy.

    2. with 2 weeks to go…
      – some progress made on the diet. eating a lot less rice and bread and replacing it with more meat, nuts, and fruit.
      – now doing kipping pullups in WODs

      1. wow this was a long time ago. YES to the kipping, 21 HSPU, and stringing together muscle ups

        new goals?
        running: still 6:30 mile & <60sec 400m. 5K in under 25 min.
        – 800# CFT
        – bodyweight snatch (with good form)
        – C&J at max strict press weight

  8. 1 FROM HSPU after getting upside down the proper way
    1 solid kipping pull-up
    7:45 2km row (from 8:04)
    run a :54 400m (haha)

    1. You mean there’s a right way and a wrong way to get upside down?

      1. Well not really, but as I found out today when trying to do HSPU, it’s pretty tough to walk up the wall (start in pushup position and walk hands/feet back) when you’re already done 2 sets of HSPU + C2B pull-ups. Being able to flip myself onto the wall would make life a lot easier.

  9. Deadlift 325# up from 290#

    Read the Paleo Diet book

    String together Kipping Pullups and get pass p*#++y hands

  10. Non-knee clapping pushups (so this thing on my left knee can finally fully heal).

    Oh and consecutive double-unders (I can do…1. Once I got 2. I’d like at least 10), gotta get that rhythm right somehow.

    1. I can help with double unders if you like, just grab me after your WOD. We train Rocky Balboa style.

      1. eye of the tiger… eye of the tiger… eye of the tiger…

      2. Just having you near is enough, Fran! GOAL MET (and then some) as of Dec. 08, 2009!!!

        Not so sure about those clapping push-ups, though.

  11. Row a 7:15 2k. PR is 7:26

  12. hold handstand for 1 minute or longer (currently around 30 sec…I think) with my body as close to the wall as possible.

  13. Get my muscle up back. Before I started CrossFit proper, I’d worked up to doing broken muscle ups. Around May I impinged my shoulder and was out of commission for ~2 months. Haven’t been able to get one since…yet.

    Bonus goals: FROM HSPU, proper kipping pull-ups, unbroken pistols

    1. Did my first muscle-ups today since May. : )

      As far as the bonus goals, my kips are getting better, but haven’t tried any HSPUs or pistols in awhile.

  14. Goal 133# OHS by Jan 1
    Attempted on 3rd of dec. close but not quite FROM.

    1. Got it today with Chris watching! Adjusted my goal to 155 by the 15th of Jan.

  15. Now that the traveling holiday season is over, time to work on a 4 week goal. Here goes:

    Continuous pull ups (fairly strict). I can get about 7-8 now in a row before I need to take a break.

    Goal: 12+ in a row on Feb 6.

    Any suggestions on how to reach this goal? Do some pull ups every time I do a wod? Focus on weighted pull ups so when I do un-weighted ones it will feel easier?

    1. Hey G,

      May want to take a look at some of the Recon Ron-style programs the marines/army use. They are effective for increasing your strict dead hangs and building absolute pull-up & grip strength (of course dead hang proficiency does not equate to kipping proficiency).

      The basic idea: For 6 days of each week, do 5 sets of the prescribed reps (descending order). Rest as needed between, but you shouldn’t be idle for more than 3 minutes. Core, stretching, or squat/pistol work tends to be a good way to fill some of that time. Each ensuing week you adjust the reps up to the corresponding week’s prescription.

      The way to integrate this with crossfit, where you have some seriously high volume pull-up WODs with relative frequency, is to just skip your recon ron work for that day. When I used this program with crossfit, I would probably have 3 or 4 days of recon ron in a particular week. And actually that was easily enough to progress steadily.

      Another option would be to knock your pull-ups out in the morning (if you work out at night) or in the evening (if you work out in the morning).

  16. One full push up not on my knees by Feb 1. Currently I do all on my knees.

  17. I keep saying (to myself) that it’s time to work on double-unders. So, now I’m saying it out loud. 10 in a row by Feb 3.

  18. Goal is to get a pull up no rubber band… at least one
    and no knee push ups

    lets say by Feb 18th

    1. GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!!! Now for those pushups!

  19. Okay, my previous goals on here have been met. I can do at least 2 real clapping pushups (woot!) and consecutive double unders (PR is 50). Time for a new real goal. Though I am still constantly working on increasing my pullup abilities (I WILL get 10 strict ones in a row with the blue band, not just kipping! And I WILL get a kipping PU Rx!), I’ve decided my more attainable 4 week goal is:

    1 ring dip Rx

    Okay I also have another one, because I am a multitasker:

    increase ROM on 1-rep max HSPU to 1 abmat plus 1 5kilo plate
    (right now my 1-rep max is 1 abmat plus 10kilo plate, but I can get 5 with just 2 abmats)

    1. EDIT: Right now my 1-rep max is not 1 abmat plus a 10 kilo plate, it is actually (well, this is actually my 2-rep max) 1 abmat on top of a 5 kilo and a 5 pound plate. Yes, I need that extra half inch. So maybe my 4 week goal shouldn’t be 1abmat plus a 5 kilo, but instead just a 15kilo plate.

      And still a ring dip Rx.

      And still a kipping PU Rx. Nate, I will get a real pullup Rx eventually. Just give it time. A LOT of time.

      1. So yesterday I got a strict chin-up, and a few days before I realized and I do kipping chin-ups (but not yet kipping pull-ups without the red band, something to do with poor timing in the hip thrust).

        Still far from the ring dip Rx. Possibly closer on the HSPU.

      2. Oh gosh time to update since I can do PUs and can get at least 3 HSPUs with only 1 abmat (but always wanting to increase ROM until I can do FROM).

        Retaining the goal of a ring dip Rx. 4 weeks may be a short time to do that, but I’ll sure work on it.

  20. 8 week goal – By May 1st, run 2 miles without stopping. I know this sounds easy to those who run, but it would be something pretty big for me to accomplish. I have my first running “lesson” on Sunday 2/28.

  21. beat 6:40 in ramp on

  22. 10 double unders in a row by May 24th.

    1. Mega fail. But tonight I got 5 in a row twice! Still want 10.

  23. 1 FROM HSPU.

    1. By 7/22/10

    2. 1FROM HSPU accomplished several times. New goals for 9/10/10:

      1) 5 FROM HSPU (up from 1)
      2) consecutive unbroken muscle-ups (mostly a form thing I think – shouldn’t be too hard)
      3) check to see if i can run 400m in under 60s

  24. sub 20 5k by december 11th
    bodyweight overhead squat by december 11th
    get my muscle ups and hspus back by 2011

    1. did 5 reps @140# overhead squat
      got muscle ups and handstand pushups

      run will hopefully happen Dec 11th.

      New Goals by End of February.

      – bodyweight snatch
      – 300# backsquat

      1. new goal: 20 rep bodyweight overhead squat
        c&j over 200#
        snatch: 155#

  25. I’ll get back on the goal train, too…

    -unassisted ring dip
    -BW C&J
    -learn to not hate running so much

    These goals may take a little longer than 4 weeks, but they are goals all the same.

    1. UPDATE (been a little over 4 weeks…)

      -got the ring dips RX yesterday (6)! And one more today. yayyyy.
      -10# away from BW C&J (soon my loves, soon)
      -1.5″ away from FROM HSPU (strict)
      -okay don’t ‘hate’ running per se, but it’s still not my favorite.

  26. All above goals met. New focus: muscle-up.

  27. Is there still a goal board in the box? If not, reinstate it! I need to set (and work towards) some goals!

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