Monday Workout: One Armed Deadlifts

WOD for Time:

  • 21 One Armed Deadlift (Each Side)
  • 21 Ring Pushups
  • 50 Situps
  • 15 DL
  • 15 Ring PU
  • 50 Situps
  • 9 DL
  • 9 Ring PU
  • 50 Situps.

Bar weight is 40% of Max Deadlift.Β  Deadlift is performed where bar is positioned between your legs. Left foot is forward one foot, right foot is back one foot. Turn right foot out 90 degrees, making sure barbell is in center of mass. Video here.

Ring Pushups Substitutions/Scaling: Remember to squeeze the rings together on the push

  • If you can’t do them in a full pushup position, move to a knee-pushup position
  • If ring pushups with the rings close to the ground are very difficult, adjust the height of the rings so they sit between your chest and stomach and start from a higher position.Β  Lean into the pushup and make sure you get Full Range of Motion (FROM)

Gymnastic Drills Post-WOD

5-10 Handstand wall walks focusing on maintaining the hollow position the entire time you are walking up and down the wall

27 thoughts on “Monday Workout: One Armed Deadlifts

  1. 21:40 #67, box push ups instead of rings.
    Thanks for the super encouragement Francesco!

    1. You’re welcome, you did really well. I can tell you will be able to DL a lot in the next coming months. Use this site to setup your own personal icon so it shows a pic of yourself instead of that uber cool green design:

    2. Look what we have here….a new gym rat. A WOD on Fri, Sat and Mon. (At least the WOD on Sat was short! haha) That’s awesome.

      1. What do you mean short?! You must have done a different WOD than me. πŸ™‚

  2. No rings yet (Christmas present to myself). Should I sub plyo pushups, inverted plyos (feet up on box), diamonds, or diamond plyo pushups – is that upping the difficulty enough? Or should I add some reps as well?

    1. Chris,
      Good Christmas gift to yourself! haha. The difficulty of ring pushups comes from the instability (note: the rings are inherently stable, its your brain that has the issue but that is a different discussion all together). Doing any other type of pushups will not really produce EXACTLY the same feeling but I would recommend if you are looking to up the intensity because you don’t have rings I would just suggest a 2:1 or 3:1 ratio much like the ring dip to bar dip sub.

    2. I’ve been lusting after Elite’s EXF rings myself.

      1. I own the regular elite rings and love them. I just looked up the EXF ones and they look pretty sweet. The multigrip thing looks awesome. I had to put tape all over mine to improve grip. Once they are in, I’d say go for it! Worth the money for sure.

  3. 12:46 (67#)

  4. 12:25 133#

  5. 9:03, 67#, toe-on-box pushups … that was fun!

    1. Speedy McSpeedster!!! Great job today!

  6. 12:13, 77#, (knee) box PUs

    THEN I strung together 4 DUs in a row, and then I did it again (previously, as of Saturday, that is, could only max out at 2). And again. And once I even strung together 5 (Chris is my witness). Oh 10 DUs in a row (plus?), here I come! Um and I held a strict handstand (no wall) for 2 seconds (Hillary is witness) but I don’t really think that counts as an accomplishment, more like sheer luck.

    1. Oh, that handstand was an accomplishment alright!! I’m terrified to try anything more than a clunky walk up the wall.

    2. I saw one of the 4 DU attempts – great work!

    3. Complete sheer luck… I did not see this! just kidding!
      Thanks for the help on my handstand to the wall! πŸ™‚

  7. 12:42 37#, knees-on-box PU’s

  8. Gretchen Kittelberger December 7, 2009 — 9:31 pm

    8x400m runs in the morning:

    Then wod in the afternoon: 9:59 (89#)

  9. 10:19, 111#

  10. 18:54-1 = 17:54, 67#

  11. WOD: 9:40, 67# (toe on box push ups)

    I have a half HSPU πŸ™‚ Slowly getting there! πŸ™‚ maybe?!

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