Welcome to CrossFit Charlottesville

Hello Charlottesville, we are the only official CrossFit affiliate in town and we use this website to record workouts, share nutritional information and promote our gym.

Let’s Talk Results First

We measure performance and record improvements over time because we believe athletes of all backgrounds can show improvement with our methodology.  We’re about generating the best results for our members, no matter if that’s winning a triathlon or getting 30% stronger and 22% faster in 8 weeks time.

What We Aren’t

We don’t use machines, we don’t do “routines,” we don’t workout for longer than 30 minutes and we always put people in small groups.  Why? Because CrossFit is about intensity, organic movements and constant variety.  We know because we see the results in our gym. We are the best strength and conditioning program in Charlottesville, we are the real deal and these tenants work for all of our members.

Understanding More

Our gym is a flexible space where we organize workouts in small teams of people led by knowledgeable instructors.  We work with you, no matter if you are like Tom, our 50+ rockstar dentist or Lydia our 20-something biochemist who couldn’t lift more than 50 pounds off the ground when she started.  It’s our goal to motivate you, keep you safe and ensure you are getting the best results in your life. Still curious?  Read through this site, read our “No Egos” article or just pick up the phone and call us.

Check Us Out in Many Ways

We offer Free Workout days. Just send us an email or call us to schedule your free session.

Taste of CrossFit Charlottesville” for $169 you can get one month of membership and 3 hours of personal one on one training.  If you don’t like it, you aren’t obligated to continue.

Free On-Ramp Classes Starting January 2nd.  If you want to try us out for more than one day, join us for our Fitness Resolution class and get 3 days of instruction for free. RSVP on Facebook.

SuperFit Games

We’re also hosting an event on January 30th to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project and the Charlottesville-Albemarle Rescue Squad.

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