26 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout: Cindy

  1. 12 rds (12 minutes), strict PUs.

  2. 17 rnds Rx – some floppy kipping near the end, but it helped

  3. Could not make it in but rowed 2000 meters in 7:40.

  4. 19 rounds – jumping pullups, knee pushups

  5. 19rds + 5pullups +5 pushups

  6. 14 rds

    Pullups were all strict (no kips, no jumps) but not from a dead hang either. Workin’ on it…

    1. damnnnnnnn

    2. You still rock with your big girl push ups and pull ups! You and Justin seriously need to have a squat-off. Speed AND form, you’re lethal!

      1. You guys are so nice, thanks! 🙂

      2. Joelle, I think “doing the WOD like a big girl” needs to be redefined seeing as the only two girls who did it prescribed were the shortest of the bunch.

    3. Pretty impressive! I need you to teach me to do a pull up!!

  7. Okay, so I need lessons in counting, but I think maybe I got 18 rounds plus 4 PUs, but Hillary says I was at “18” for about 5 rounds so maybe I got at least 20 who knows. At least I survived.
    Modifications: JPU, first 5 rounds were real pushups then dropped to the knees.

    1. you wish you did 20… dont be upset that I beat you and try to add to your number! 🙂 hehe
      see you tomorrow?!

  8. 16 rounds + 3 pull ups. JPU, KPU.

    Really wished I was shorter about half way through this WOD.

  9. Gretchen Kittelberger December 10, 2009 — 9:34 pm

    22 rounds

    and 5×5 snatches (62#)

  10. 3 squats short of 15 rounds RX

  11. 9 rounds +5 pull-ups + 10 push-ups

  12. 17 rounds= 10 pushups + pullups + 20 air squats
    Going Away Workout:
    -Row 750 mts
    -Deadlifts(155#) 21 + 15 + 9
    -Thrusters(77#)21 + 15 + 9
    -Row 750 mts….18 min hahaha, this was a cruel and unhuman torture workout, I got totaly owned!
    Thanks to everybody, I had a great time at the gym, and I learnt alot of stuff.I’m think I’m doing the 5 PM workou on monday but I probably won’t see most of you.

    1. Sebastian you’ll be on a plane by 5pm, but if you do the workout on the plane please take pictures.

      1. please do monday’s WOD on the plane.

  13. 19 rds + 5 pu

    Sebastian, you will be missed… too bad the Tiara fell off halfway through the WOD hope you wore it for you going away one!

  14. 23 rounds + 5 pull ups. PR

  15. 23 rounds (PR)

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